Page 166 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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bw na’ w\n ’ wxn nna .
h t j
naoaa ?n m n
’ ® i r n
r a i p
/a y x"o . r t o n /D^ibn nbn: nn’ r /pbpna .D” *ibn nbm na’ W’
Comments on the Talmudic tractate
dealing with the city
boundaries on the Sabbath, by the teachers and students of the Nahalat
ha-Leviyim Yeshiva in Brooklyn.
a p y nxa .naw mabn m s ’ p t a p j p
n ’ a b
p m n
o n t m p
x"ap ..Y'bwn
.a 'nna .jyrxo bxpm’
On the laws of the Sabbath, by Rabbi Jacob Ezekiel Posen of New
nxann .jxnonix’ aw prop *ior nxa . n i v o n n n a ’ 1? o n & : i p
/a y a"b .rbwn ,n n ’ on.n ns ix ,pbpna .a
On Hasidism, by Joseph Isaac Schneersohn.
,pbpna .pib n a n Dibw nxa . w rn ip n a w
m n :
on a m p
/a y x"b .a pbn .[?] »n"bwn
On the time of lighting the Sabbath candles, according to the teach­
ing of Shneor Zalman ben Baruch, by Shalom Dober Levin.
n ’ on ;pbpna .abonaa
am n y n’s by : *na’ bn n so o i u n p
.’ bban pp’m ,D” nn jb’ x ,
am nn’ aw oy nmaa .rbwn ,abona
A program of religious study, based on the sayings of Nahman of
Bratzlav. Also a call to study a selection of the
Shulhan Arukh
xiaa nn’xa ,wt3’nxarba nyan oibw nxa .□ ” nn
y o i b n p
,an’onn ism ;pbpna .a nxxin .jnxomx’iw p n r nor
/a y r r s .rbwn
Writings of Shalom Dober Schneersohn (1866-1920), another mem­
ber of the Habad (Lubavitch) dynasty.
mmn moa D’ oip’ b noix i m y u s i
n w n p
on u n p
/a y r r a ,n"bwn ,.\a
On modesty in sexual relations.
D’ jixa i o’ :an ,bxnw’ ’ bna nnb iro mxn : b x ’ n x n b n ’ w x n
bysa ,7’ bpna .7am nabw nxa .n’ sxsn nxiw.n bw w ipnn ny
/a y T"’ pn .x pbn .rbwn ,o’ wnp pna*
Volume 1 of a collective biography of prominent rabbis, scholars, and
Hasidic leaders up to the time of the Holocaust, by Solomon Rozman.
,ny” 2 bxbxa jaixn nxa .niana 'oa by D’ w n ’ n : ’ a i x n ’ w x n
/a y x"p .n"bwn ,.\a