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participants in the dispute, Aaron Simon ben Jacob Abraham, secretary
of the Jewish community of Cologne, brought together those opinions
favorable to his viewpoint.
a .iTbwn ,pbpna
axr nxa. . n ' s & n n x
.□’ DID
Hasidic sermons by Zeev Wolf of Zhitomir (d. 1800), which include
important source material about the early Hasidic movement, includ­
ing criticism of the ostentation of the
(the venerated leaders
of the various Hasidic groups).
n ’abn ,n: na ,w&’vt’ayba ’ana /rob ’a’ toa nyanx : D n K ? ’ n x
nxa nsw nax ’Bipb oa
.onxboa omax n ’abn ,rnaxpa nwa
/ay tran .rbwn /pbpna .ponaa jx a r ’bp D” n nwa
Hasidic sayings by Mordecai ben Noah of Lachowicze (1742-1810),
by his son Noah (1774-1832), and some of their disciples.
/pbpna .x T sw p n r apy’ nxa .nnvto nnax : a p y ’ b n a x
/ay r y p .r'bwn
Sayings by Rabbi Jacob Isaac Shapira of Blendov, a grandson o f a
famous Hasid, the
(preacher) of Koznitz. This work was first
published in 1889.
ix mm n n a x’n
nabn ba
w t iw
by npnm : p a m x y n x
nnyn nsoma ,’nbx apy’ bxnw’ nxa .o’aan n a ia ix nbnp na ia
t"y .r'bwn ,m in nna ,pbpna .wx” y rmn’ nxa O’w rrm
On the sources of Jewish laws, by Rabbi Israel Jacob Algazi of
Safed, Palestine (1680-1726), and notes on this work by Rabbi Judah
Ayash, a younger contemporary of his who hailed from Algiers and
eventually became rabbi in Ferrara, Italy.
noon n’a ,pbpna .po’WD’b ’naw nxa .onwiw ’mpb : bw x n
.D’ sn r y .[?] ,Y'bwn
On Jewish law, by Shabbethai Lipschutz, a Hungarian rabbi (1845-
.rrbwn ,pbpna . [
y i
] o” n nxa .nmnn by ; o ” n D ’ a n x a
.D’ana 'a
Hasidic comments on the Torah by Rabbi Hayyim ben Solomon
Tyrer, of Czernowitz, Bukowina (d. 1816), a vigorous opponent of
the Jewish enlightenment.
,.\j .xs’at’xa fiov ’ana p apy’ nxa .mwnp nnax : a p y ’ n ’ a
.xw7 mxa Dy n iaa .r'bwn ,ny:” b .’ .a
Hasidic comments on the Pentateuch by Rabbi Jacob Leiner (1814-
1878), who lived in Eastern Europe.