Page 172 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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-I’bpm .nbnb’a impm 7a bxan nxa .mw’x ’any by : d ’ an n n a 1n
/ay n"ap .rbwn ,
’bttiT onao nxxw
On the laws of married life, by Rabbi Raphael Meldola of Livorno,
Italy, and London (1754-1828).
an w » nxa .niNipai dh ’ nb’tw mabna n r a :m n d b
i a w
/ay 't> a"yp .rrbwn ,oxawnabn .i.a .’ .a .a nna .’po-jnD
About the laws of washing of the hands and the
the ritual
bath, by Rabbi Mordecai Dov Twersky of Hornistopol (1840-1903).
.ibw xwnp xnanni trwyan bw D’anaa rail? j n n a a m a n
paanai pann nba oy nnaa /ay a"a .r'bwn ,*nxw .
Letters of the Baal Shem Tov and his disciples.
oiai /pbpna .xpxip p"pa b’wyn nxa .D’wnw j . m i n n na i an
/ay rtap .n"bwn ,nma
Comments on the Torah by Rabbi Joshua Heschel ben Jacob of
Cracow (1595-1663).
.x pbn .rrbwn ,pbpna / ’bx p pnr bxnw’ nxa . bx
w ’ m a o
/ay a"an .mai mnoi mabn by
On ritual purity for women, by Rabbi Israel Isaac Janowsky of
Prague, near Warsaw, first published in 1910.
a i r imy jnbwi mpai pya ,nb’at
/ma mabn : n y
m i ’ *11 d
mama /.ma mabn by nyi mn ' ’a oy ,mxipai ma mabn :ny*r
.rrbwn ,onaon *ixix /pbpna .nnno m o ,bpwn
The laws of ritual purity for women from the codes of Jacob ben
Asher of Toledo (d. 1340), and Joseph Caro (1488-1575), with more
recent commentaries.
,.\a .p’maxna apy’ nnx
by nya .mmn by * n m x ba
/ay inswn—T'sw .a pbn /ay raw .x pbn .rbwn—n"bwn
Anthology of commentaries on the Torah, by the Brandwein family
of Stretyn.
;pbpna .naawx ny ’bx nxa .nnox nbna by wrva : n p b
/ay x"aw .rrbwn /fxap’bao .x.x
A commentary on the Book of Esther, by Eliezer Ashkenazi (1513-
1586), rabbi in Egypt, Cyprus, Posen, and Cracow, renowned for his
rationalist interpretation of the Bible.