Page 173 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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,maa /pYTmo ,maa wbw by y'wwina ’ wrrn
: my i w ’ n oi o
/ay a"aw.r'bwn ,rnn moa n’ a ,pbpna .ry ,myiaw
Commentary on various tractates of the Talmud by Samuel Schotten
(d. 1709), the head of a renowned Yeshivah in Frankfurt on the
,xaiabxpnax jnain’nxa .nyn mv *iny pbw by : ’ nbs
’ m s
,T"y ,r'Bp.n"bwn ,pbpna .pyaraxn amaaxn
Commentary on the second part of Joseph Caro’s code, dealing
mainly with the dietary laws, by Jonathan Eybeschuetz (1690-1764),
Chief Rabbi of Altona, Hamburg, and Wansbek.
Traa .'ay B"B .rbwn ,.\a .pan *ior apy’ nxa . a ’ o s na
n a
.*loi’ m i s p ayi nays nasx ay
Hasidic comments on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, by
Jacob Joseph ha-Kohen of Polonnoye.
'n ayb mnp nwx' ’ ray naa by noia nan
: a ’ i
x n ’ a ’ a i pb
,pbpna .isiD ’ bnsa nxa .nawn nyia ba by noia nai ,n"n ayai
naa ay nioa .a’ sn a"’ ,rb ,n"a /o ,Y'a .n"bwn,*isio .s .x.a .x.’
Festival sermons by Rabbi Naphtali Sofer, preached in Hungary,
a century ago.
ois*i /.’ .a .pxp iya naww’ nxa .a’ bwai a’wim
: noi a ’ aipb
.n"bwn ,o’ na anxn
Sermons by Rabbi lssachar Ber Kohn, Hungary, first published 50
years ago.
.B’ bn wbwi B’ xna B’ a’ ’ ramnnn ’ wainnwan by : waw
x a
.b’ oid 'a .r'bwn ,pbpna .p’Bwsy’ ibn pbp oia’ aibp nxa
Sermons on the Pentateuch, by Kalonymus Kalman Epstein (d.
1823), one of the earlier promoters of Hasidism.
r o .r'bwn ,.\a .jabT Yixnw p iya an nxa . a
’ *1
p ’ a n a x a
.B’ 3*T
Sermons by Dob Baer ben Shneor Zalman.
.XT3W yaa ina nxa .pnnxi by b’ ubix a"a*i
: n i-p ia y nbaa
.B’ 37 a"p .n"bwn,ixanyn3 .
.’ ,pbpna
252 interpretations of the prayers of Moses in Deuteronomy
23ff. by the Cabalist and rabbinic scholar Nathan Nata Spira (1585-
1633), who headed a Yeshiva in Cracow.