Page 174 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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,pbpna .ooisxpa jabT nabwnna .o’ lyiai nnnn by ?n i ax j aa
.o’ ana 'a .rbwn ,nm»
Sermons by Rabbi Solomon Zalman Schneersohn o f Kopys (1830-
1900), another leader of the Habad (Lubavitch) movement.
nxa *ior *n
*iay ,*ioi’ ry ,nan py wins ay :nan wn a
.o’ ana 'a .rrbwn ,.’ j .nawa rmna oyi ,b*Tawnun
Another edition of the
Midrash Rabbah,
the classic collective homile-
tical commentary on the Torah and the Five Scrolls, with the standard
commentaries o f Baermann Ashkenazi (16th century) and Hanokh
Zundel (d. 1867), both of Poland.
,oxm .x .’ om ,/> .a .p’w nwa nxa .pbm 'oa by : p’ w o " *■> «ia
.o’ sn ry .[?] n"bwn
Commentary on the Talmudic tractate
by Rabbi Moses
Schick of Hungary (1807-1879).
nyia bo by noia na*r
t o n s x n ’ a ’ oi pbi ’ bn sa
no a
n"a ,a*a ..Y'bwn ,nsio .s.x.a.x.’ ,pbpna .nsio ’ bnsa nxa .nawa
.onsx n’ a ’ oipb oy ina»
Festival sermons by Rabbi Naphtali Sofer.
nwanxa nnn’ wsa wins oy .a.nax pnr nxa
. - nxan m u a
.o’ oia 'a .rbwn ,p*?pna .onspans
A popular ethical work by Isaac Aboab (14th century), probably of
Spain, with the Yiddish translation, first published in Germany in 1701.
.rbwn ;pbpna
.y ip
bx nabwnxa .mox nna sma
: ’ i b n maa
/ay Y'an
Commentary on the Book of Esther by Solomon Alkabez, the 16th
century cabalist, of Safed, who is best known for the Sabbath hymn,
Lekha Dodi.
nx’ a .^or p bm nan nxa .nor ry .xnin mx’ a : n
ax nao a
,onaon nm ,.’ .a .nsto onn wn’ a Tb mba .ptxbn p"p-r o” n
/ay rop .;rbwn
Ethics of the Fathers
with commentaries by Elijah ben Solomon,
the Gaon of Vilna (18th century), and Hanokh Zundel.
7nx ' ’ yw’ ’ "y opfba .aio ow byabmw’ ’ wina oy
: ma x naoa
/ay n"D .rbwn ,pbpna .opnai ywi.m
Another edition with commentary by the Baal Shem Tov.