Page 209 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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Selection of articles from the Israeli press, the
Journal of Pal­
estine Studies
and other sources which purport to “bring out
official Israeli attitudes to the country’s non-Jewish citizen . . .
and which determine the policies on civil rights.”
Dav idson , L i o n e l
The sun chemist.
London, Cape, 1976.
Des Pres , T e r r e n c e .
The survivor: an anatomy of life in the death
Oxford, University Press, 1976. 218 p.
D icks , B r ian .
The Israelis.
London, David and Charles, 1975. 176 p.
(How they live and work series)
D obson , C h r is to p h e r .
Black September.
London, Hale, 1975. 192 p.
E l -A sm a r , Fauzi.
To be an Arab in Israel.
London, Pinter, 1975. 215 p.
Foreword by I. F. Stone. Introduction by Uri Davis. A Palestin­
ian Arab journalist writes of the ‘iniquities’ Palestinians have
suffered at the hands of the Israelis.
E p p le r , E l i z a b e th E .,
comp, and ed.
International bibliography of
Jewish affairs, 1966-1967: a select annotated list of books and arti­
cles published outside Israel.
London, Andre Deutsch for Institute
of Jewish Affairs in association with the World Jewish Congress,
1976. 401 p.
The over 4000 items listed cover international Jewish affairs
in all their aspects, except religious studies and fiction.
F ie ld , M i c h a e l .
Hundred million dollars a day: inside the world of
Middle East money.
London, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1975. 240 p.
F itzg ibbon , Lou is .
Unpitied and unknown: Katyn, Bologoye, Derachi.
London, Bachman and Turner, 1975. 469 p.
On the war-time massacres.
F re ed lan d , M i c h a e l .
Al lolson.
London, Sphere, 1975. 264 p.
Golden Haggadah.
London, Phaidon for Eugramma, 1975. 200 p. Illus.
With a 96 p. companion volume by Dr. Bezalel Narkiss. Pub­
lished in a limited edition of 500 copies.
G u t t e r id g e , R ich a rd .
Open thy mouth for the dumb: the German
Evangelical Church and the Jews, 1879-1950.
London, Blackwell,
1975. 374 p.
H a l e , J u l ia n .
Radio power: propaganda and international broadcast­
London, Elek, 1975. 196 p.
The uses and abuses of broadcasting under the Nazis and Com­
munists, including treatment of the Jewish question and the
jamming of Israeli broadcasts.
H a l e v i , Zeev ben Sh imon .
The way of the Kabbalah.
London, Rider,
1976. 224 p.