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H a r e l , Isser.
The house on Garibaldi street: the capture of Adolf
London, Deutsch, 1975. 288 p.
H e i k a l , M ohamm ed .
The road to Ramadan: the inside story of how
the Arabs prepared for, and almost won, the war of October 1973.
London, Fontana, 1976. 283 p.
H e rm a n , J o s e f .
Related twilights: notes from an artist’s diary.
Robson, 1975. 224 p.
H e rm an , Simon .
Why believe: popular approach to a Jewish philoso­
phy of life.
Gateshead, Lehmann, 1975. 60 p.
H e rm ann ,
H .
A history of the Czechs.
London, Allen Lane, 1975.
324 p.
Indudes the history of the Jews in Czech lands from pre-Haps-
burg times to the present.
H e r z o g , C ha im .
The war of atonement.
London, Weidenfeld and
Nicolson, 1975. 300 p.
H e r z o g , Y a a k o v .
A people that dwells alone: speeches and writings.
Ed. by Misha Louvish. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1975.
283 p.
Introduction by die late President Zalman Shazar.
H obh ou se , J an e t .
Everybody who zvas anybody: Gertrude Stein and
her world.
London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1975. 296 p.
H o lb r o o k , Dav id .
Gustav Mahler and the courage to be.
Vision, 1975. 264 p.
Im h o f , R ud iger ,
ed. [Harold] Pinter:
a bibliography.
London, T . Q.
Publications, 1975. 36 p.
Jones, M a ld w y n
Destination America.
London, Weidenfeld and Nic­
olson, in assodation with Thames Television, 1976. 226 p.
The story of immigration to the USA, induding the Jews.
J ordan , R en e .
Barbara Streisand.
London, W . H. Allen, 1976. 253 p.
K a t z , R o b e r t .
Death in Rome.
London, New English Library: new
ed., 1975. 229 p.
The murder of the Jews of Rome.
K edou r ie , E l i e .
In the Anglo-Arab labyrinth: the McMahon-Husayn
correspondence and its interpretation, 1914-1939.
Cambridge, Uni­
versity Press, 1976. 333 p.
K e n e a l l y , T h om a s .
Moses the lawgiver.
London, Collins, 1976. 224 p.
K h o d o ro v ich , T a t y a n a ,
The case of Leonid Plyushch: writings by
the victim of one of the most horrifying cases of political psychiatry
in the USSR.
London, C. Hurst, 1976. 160 p.