Page 211 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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K in k e ld e y , O t t o .
Jewish dancing master of the Renaissance: Gugliel-
mo Ebreo.
London, Dance Books, 1975. 44 p.
A reprint of the 1929 edition.
K o e s t l e r , A r t h u r .
Heel of Achilles: essays 1968-1973.
London, Pan,
1976. 256 p.
----- .
The thirteenth tribe: the Khazar empire and its heritage.
Hutchinson, 1976. 255 p.
Claims that most East European Jews originate from the
K u l ik , K a r o l .
Alexander Korda.
London, W . H. Allen, 1975. 407 p.
L a g o , M a r y ,
B eck son , K a r l ,
Max and Will: Max Beerbohm
and William Rothenstein: their friendship and letters, 1893-1945.
London, J. Murray, 1975. 208 p.
L am b e r t , G av in .
George Czukor.
London, W . H. Allen. 1975. 288 p.
Landau , Jacob . M .
Middle Eastern themes: papers in history and
London, Cass, 1976. 309 p.
L a n g e r , F e l ic ia .
With my own eyes: Israel and the occupied territor­
ies, 1967-1973.
London, Ithaca, 1975. 166 p.
Account by a communist lawyer of her defence of Arab terror­
ists, Jewish deserters and other criminals after the June 1967 war,
with an introduction by Israel Shahak.
L a rsen , E la in e .
London, Batsford, 1976. 176 p.
Travel book.
L aw r en c e , Jerom e .
Paul Muni.
London, W . H. Allen, 1975. 308 p.
Lev in , M e y e r .
The settlers.
London, Sphere, 1975. 2 vols.
Story of the Jewish pioneers in Palestine.
L e v i t t , R u t h .
George Eliot: the lewish connection.
London, Katanka,
1975. 160 p.
Lew is , D av id L .
Prisoners of honours: the Dreyfus affair.
Cassell, 1975. 346 p.
Liddiard , Jean .
Isaac Rosenberg: a half used life.
London, Gollancz,
1975. 288 p.
L igh tm a n , Sydney ,
The Jewish travel guide,
1976. London, Jewish
Chronicle, 1976. 296 p.
L o n gm a te , N o rm an .
If Britain had fallen:
London, BBC Publications,
1975. 300 p.
What would have happened if the Nazis had invaded Britain.
Lukes , S teven .
Emil Durkheim:
his life and work. Harmondworth,
Penguin, 1975. 688 p.