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M c L a u r in , R o n a ld
Middle East in Soviet policy.
Farnbrough, D. C.
Heath, 1975. 224 p. (Lexington Books).
M a c L e a n , Ia n ,
Statistical review of Middle East markets:
Kogan Page, 1975. 150 p.
M a h l e r , A n n a .
Her work.
Introduced by E. H. Gombrich. London,
Phaidon, 1975. 120 p.
M an sou r , A t a l a h .
Waiting for the dawn.
London, Seeker and War­
burg, 1975. 154 p.
Memoirs of a Jerusalem Arab.
M a rk ish , Dav id .
The beginning.
Trans, from Russian by Michael
Glenny. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1976. p.
Novel by the son of Peretz Markish, murdered by Stalin.
M a r t in , C h r is to p h e r .
Striking that rock: Sydney Carter and Donald
Swann explore the Holy Land.
London, SPOCK, 1975.
M a son , Sha indy .
Zionist yearbook,
1976: 5736-37. Zionist Federation
of Great Britain & Ireland, 1976. 351 p.
M a u r o is . An d r£ .
World of Marcel Proust.
London, Angus, 1975. 288 p.
M a y h ew , C h r i s to p h e r ,
Adam s, M i c h a e l .
Publish it not: The
Middle East cover-up.
London, Longman, 1975. 193 p.
M e i r , G o ld a .
My Life.
London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson. 1975. 369
Middle East and North Africa 1975-1976.
London, Europa Publication,
1975. 430 p.
A detailed handbook.
M o o r e y ,
P. R. S.
Biblical lands.
London, Elsevier—Phaidon, 1975. 152 p.
M u n e le s , O t t o .
Bibliographical survey of Jewish Prague.
Ed. by Hana
Volavkova. London, Pordes, 1975. 562 p. (Jewish Monuments in
Bohemia and Moravia Series).
N o r t h c o t t , C e c i l .
Jesus: Jew and Christian.
London, Macdonald &
James, 1975.
N o v e , A l e c .
Stalinism and After.
London, Allen & Unwin, 1975. 208 p.
O r t z e n , Len .
Stories of famous survivals.
London, Weidenfeld, 1975.
168 p.
Am os .
Touch the water, touch the wind.
Trans, from Hebrew by
N. DeLange. London, Chatto, 1975. 192 p.
Three stories.
P a r r y ,
V. J., and
Yapp ,
M. E.
War, technology and society in the
Middle East.
Oxford, University Press, 1975. 456 p.
Parsons , Ian .
The collected works of Isaac Rosenberg.
London, Chatto
& Windus. 275 p.
P a tk in ,
A. L.
The origins of the Russian Jewish labour movement.
London, Pordes, 1975. 265 p.