Page 213 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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P o l i a k o f f , L e on .
Jewish bankers and the Holy See: from the 13th to
the 17th Century.
Trans, from French by M. Kochan. London,
Routledge Kegan Paul, 1976. 288 p.
R ab inow icz ,
Hasidism and the State of Israel.
London, Routledge
Kegan Paul. 1976. 250 p.
R a in e ,
D. J.
Albert Einstein and relativity.
London, Wayland, 1975.
96 p. (Pioneers of Science and Discovery)
R o a z en , P a u l .
Freud and his folloivers.
London, Allen Lane, 1976.
400 p.
Rob inson , Edward
All my yesterdays.
London, Allen, 1975.
R o senau , H e l e n .
A short history of Jewish art.
London, Pordes, 1975.
78 p.
R o t h , C e c i l ,
Anglo-Jewish letters, 1158-1917.
London, Pordes, 1975.
333 p.
-----, and
W ig o d e r , G e o f f r e y .
New standard Jewish encyclopaedia:
rev. ed. London, W . H. Allen, 1975. 1978 p.
Saw y e r , John
A .
Modern introduction to biblical Hebrew.
Oriel, 1975. 208 p.
S e g a l , R o n a ld .
Whose Jerusalem? conflicts of Israel.
Penguin, 1975. 268 p.
S h a r o t , S tephen .
Judaism; a sociology.
London, David and Charles,
1976. 224 p.
Sh ia im ,
Avi, and
Y a n n o p o u lo s ,
G. N.
The EEC and the Mediter­
ranean countries.
Cambridge, University Press, 1975.
S i lk , D enn is .
Fourteen Israeli poets: A selection of modern Hebrew
London, Andre Deutsch, 1976. 96 p.
S o k o low , F lo r ia n .
Nahum Sokolow; life and legend.
London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications, 1975. 248 p.
S te in , L e o n a rd ; B a r z i la y , D v o r a h ,
C h a l o n ,
A. eds.
The letters
and papers of Chaim Weizmann:
Vol. 7: series A: August 1914—
November 1917. London, O.U.P., 1975. 569 p.
S te in e r , G e o rg e .
After Babel: aspects of language and translation.
Oxford, University Press, 1975. 520 p. (Oxford Paperbacks 364)
S tevens , A u s t in .
The dispossessed: German refugees in Britain.
don, Barrie and Jenkins, 1975. 319 p.
S tew a rd ,
W . ,
Disraeli’s novels reviewed 1816-1968.
Bailey Bros., 1975. 290 p.
Sv irsky , G r ig o r y .
Hostages: the personal testimony of a Soviet Jew.
Trans, from Russian by Gordon Clough. London, Bodley Head,
1976. 308 p.
T a y l o r ,
A. J. P.
The second World War.
London, Hamish Hamilton.
p .