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Founded in 1945,
Jewish Bookland
is a most significant publica­
tion of the Council. Published seven times a year as the cultural
supplement to the
JWB Circle,
it has a circulation of over 15,000,
reaching librarians, book dealers, publishers, authors, researchers,
Jewish educators, rabbis and Jewish communal leaders, both
lay and professional. It is the only periodical which reviews all
English books of Jewish interest published in this country, as
well as selected Hebrew and Yiddish books. A panel of over one
hundred volunteer reviewers, among them many of America’s
leading Jewish scholars and literary personalities, write for the
periodical in their specialized areas of competence. Dr. A. Alan
Steinbach has been serving as editor since 1962. The other mem­
bers of the Editorial Board are: Philip Goodman, associate
editor, Madelaine Berg, managing editor, Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz,
Dr. Jacob Kabakoff and Dr. Sol Liptzin.
The following publications of the Council were available
during the past year:
Jewish Book Annual Cumulative Title and Author Index
Essays on Jewish Booklore
Jewish Book Council: Its History and Program,
by A. Alan
Authors and Literary Critics for Jewish Book Month
Programming on Israel with Books,
by Hannah Grad
Jewish Book Program Ideas
Jewish Book Arts and Crafts Projects,
by Ruth Sharon
Jewish Book Programs
Bookmarks for Jewish Book Month
Reading Circles for Women
A Manual for Jewish Community Center, School and
Congregation Libraries,
by Sophia N. Cedarbaum
Standards for Jewish Libraries in Synagogues, Schools and
prepared by Association of Jewish Libraries
Synagogue, School and Center Division
Classification Systems for Jewish Libraries
Jewish Books in Jewish Schools,
by Philip Goodman