Page 236 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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Reviewing Jewish Books: Some Questions and Answers,
by Toby Lelyveld
A Book Review Symposium,
by Mortimer J. Cohen
How to Publicize Your Jewish Month Programs
Jewish Book Fairs,
by Abraham Kastenbaum
Programs for ”76: Program Suggestions for Jewish Groups
during the American Revolution Bicentennial,
by Hannah
Grad Goodman
Aspects of Jewish Life: A Selected and Annotated Biblio­
graphy of Books and Multimedia Materials,
by Hannah
Grad Goodman
Bible Programs for Jewish Book Month,
by Hannah Grad
Samuel Yosef Agnon:
Articles by and on the Nobel Laureate
The Land and the Book,
by Meir Tamari
Jewish Book Month Poster:
“The Jewish Book in America”
by Sy Warsaw
Children's Poster:
“The Book is a Good Friend.”
Dramatic Material
Jewish Books on Parade: A Pageant,
by Frances Spitzer
The Magic Book Shop,
by Sally Miller Brash
If Books Could Talk,
by Sally Miller Brash
And It Was Written, and It Shall Be Read,
by Martha
The Little Book,
by Than R. Wyenn
Annotated and Selected Bibliography of Dramatic Scripts
on American Jewish Themes,
by Hannah Grad Goodman
Selected Books on American Jewish History: An Annotated
by Nathan M. Kaganoff
Selected Books on American Jewish Biography: An An ­
notated Bibliography,
by Nathan M. Kaganoff
Selected Books on American Jewish Fiction: An Annotated
by Harold U. Ribalow