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executive secretary of the Council, Dr. A. Alan Steinbach who
after 21 years resigned as editor of the
Jewish Book Annual,
and Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz who completed four years as the
Council’s president. (The texts of the citations will be found
in this issue of the
Before making the presentations, Mr. Rose stated: “ I take
this opportunity to tell you how much we value the important
work of the JWB Jewish Book Council. Together with the
other cultural components of JWB including the Jewish Music
Council, the Lecture Bureau and our comprehensive programs
with and on behalf of Israel, the Book Council provides an
important base for our efforts to enrich the cultural quality of
Jewish life in America. T o JWB’s role as the national associa­
tion of Jewish Community Centers and YM-YWHAs, the Jewish
Book Council has contributed greatly by helping our agencies
introduce their members to Jewish literature. In turn, the Jewish
Community Centers and Ys have given community leadership to
Jewish Book Month programs and other activities o f the Council.
Also, our Jewish chaplains have participated in these programs
and have provided miniature libraries and reading materials
for the Jewish military personnel whom they serve. Ours, there­
fore, has been a vital partnership in serving our people and in
encouraging the writing and reading of Jewish books since JWB
became the sponsor of the Jewish Book Council in 1944.
“ In my capacity as President of JWB, I can add that the board
of directors has been fortified by the participation of the presi­
dents of the Book Council in its deliberations. In most recent
years, this has been true of Dr. Eugene Borowitz whose reports
to the board on the work of the Council have added a valuable
educational dimension. We invited Dr. Borowitz to continue
to sit on our board. We now welcome Mrs. Bertie Schwartz who,
as your new president, has already become deeply involved in
JWB’s leadership activities.”
Following the formal program a reception, prepared by Mrs.
Hanna Goodman, was held in honor of the award winners and
citation recipients. The members of the Reception Committee
included: Sofia Berger, Sylvia Bloch, Schifra Epstein, Bessie
Feffer, Beatrice Kerstein, Bernice Kremer, Sylvia Parzen, Janet
Sainer, Miriam Siegel and Fannie Zeldner.