Page 241 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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Executive Board Members
Samuel M. Aksler
Abraham Berger
Mrs. Deborah Brodie
Dr. Hyman Chanover
Mrs. Frank Cohen
Maier Deshell
Dr. Jacob I. Dienstag
Mrs. Lily Edelman
Dr. Azriel Eisenberg
Dr. Chaim I. Etrog
Dr. A. P. Gannes
Julius S. Glaser
Dr. Leonard Gold
Saul Goodman
Dr. Robert Gordis
Mrs. Blu Greenberg
David C. Gross
Fred Grubel
Dr. Abraham I. Katsh
David M. Kleinstein
Abraham J. Kremer
Dr. Alter F. Landesman
Rabbi Jonathan D. Levine
Bernard H. Marks
Dr. Isidore S. Meyer
Philip Miller
Herbert Millman
Joseph Mlotek
Dr. Alfred R. Moldovan
David M. L. Olivestone
Harold U. Ribalow
Yehuda Rosenman
Seymour Rossel
Leon Rubinstein
Herman L. Sainer
Mrs. Murray Sarlin
Bernard Scharfstein
Julius Schatz
Rabbi Charles Sheer
Moshe A. Sheinbaum
Harry Starr
Rabbi Marvin S. Wiener
Cantor Arthur M. Wolfson
The Council daily receives calls for information concerning all
aspects of Jewish books. Requests come from authors, publishers,
public and university libraries, the press, researchers, students and
many others who seek authoritative information on a wide
variety of aspects o f Jewish literature including the selection of
books, specialized book lists, sources for obtaining books, the
organization o f libraries and program suggestions.
Many Jewish organizations and libraries refer inquiries to the
Council for consultation. Contact is also maintained with a
large number of Jewish and non-Jewish organizations for the
purpose of keeping them advised of the resources and facilities
that we make available.