Page 243 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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This is the last annual report that I will render. After serving as
executive secretary of the JWB Jewish Book Council for more
than three decades, I am now retiring and will, please God,
fulfill a lifelong dream o f settling in Israel. The years I was
privileged to serve the Council have been rich and rewarding.
I had the opportunity o f being intimately associated with out­
standing Jewish communal leaders, rabbis and scholars, both
within the family of the Jewish Book Council and in the broader
Jewish community. Over the years the Council and I as its
professional worker enjoyed the wise guidance and constructive
services of such devotees of Jewish literature of blessed memory
as Joshua Bloch, Pinchos Churgin, Solomon Kerstein, I. Edward
Kiev, Jacob Levin, Yudel Mark, Daniel Persky, Menahem Riba-
low, Louis Rittenberg, Harry Schneiderman, Leo W. Schwarz,
Jacob Shatzky, and Moshe Starkman. Their tender memories
will long abide in the chronicles o f our Council.
I am particularly grateful to the following past presidents of
the Council for their inspirational leadership and high level
of dedication: Mordecai Soltes z” l, Solomon Grayzel, Mortimer
J. Cohen z"l, Sol Liptzin, A. Alan Steinbach, Gilbert Klaperman,
Hyman B. Bass, Judah Nadich, Eugene B. Borowitz and to the
current president, Mrs. Charles Schwartz. I also pay my respects
to Daniel Rose and Herbert Millman, president and executive
vice-president, respectively, of the National Jewish Welfare
Board for their gracious support.
I shall look forward to meeting my colleagues and friends in
the Land of The Book.