Page 7 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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The Jewish Book Council
of the
National Jewish Welfare Board
presents this citation to
as a testimonial of our appreciation of his meritorious
service as our Executive Secretary from 1944 to 1976.
His exalted human attributes, his dedication to Jewish
cultural values, and his indefatigable labors on behalf of
the Jewish book, have made him an inspiration and
tower of strength to his colleagues.
As guiding spirit of
Jewish Bookland
and the
Book Annual,
and author of eight erudite anthologies,
Rabbi Goodman helped to expand the spiritual and
cultural frontiers of the People of the Book. His devotion
and commitment to the Council's educational objectives
will long serve as a felicitous pattern to be emulated.
When Rabbi Goodman and his beloved wife Hanna
make their aliyah to Jerusalem, our gratitude and our
prayers will companion them in the Holy Land. May
the Ribono shel Olam bless them and cause His counĀ­
tenance ever to shine upon them.
Mrs. Charles Schwartz
New York City
Iyar 23,5736, May 23,1976