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The Zionist Archives and Library
and Library located in New York City,
was established in 1939 by the Zionist Organization of America
and the Keren Hayesod. By 1942, its sole sponsor was the Keren
Hayesod. In 1963, it was taken over by the Jewish Agency for
Israel and in the 70s by the World Zionist Organization—Ameri­
can Section. Sophie
A .
Udin, its director from 1939 to 1949, was
succeeded by its present director, Sylvia Landress.
From the time the library was founded, in the period of the
1939 White Paper restricting Jewish immigration into Palestine,
Zionism, Palestine, Israel and the Arab states have been front­
page news. Its resources and services were therefore geared to
gathering authentic current information and documented his­
torical source material in these special fields.
The original holdings were 200 books and pamphlets aug­
mented by archival material donated by Louis Lipsky, a noted
Zionist leader and journalist. The collection now numbers ap­
proximately fifty thousand books, pamphlets, documents, ephem­
era, etc. in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French and Rus­
sian; four thousand periodicals and newspapers from all parts
of the world of which four hundred are current and an extensive
vertical file supplemented by six hundred reels of microfilm.
British, Palestinian, Israeli, United States, United Nations,
Arab States, League of Nations, Jewish Agency for Israel and
Zionist publications form an invaluable part of the collection.
A sampling of these is: reports of the Mandatory Government to
the League of Nations on the administration of Palestine and
Trans-Jordan; reports and evidence of commissions set up by
Great Britain pertaining to Palestine; official reports and evi­
dence of the 1921, 1929 and 1936 disturbances in Palestine;
League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission minutes
pertaining to Palestine; Great Britain Command Papers; United
Nations Special Committee on Palestine Reports and Hearings;
Hearings of the Anglo-American Committee on Palestine in
Washington and Jerusalem; the Feisal-Weizmann agreement;
the King-Crane Commission Report; laws of the State of Israel,