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shaped in the form of a cross and to say, “Jesus is the Christ.”
Moloch had sworn revenge. When the Duke attempted to seduce
the daughter of an impoverished baronet by arranging a mock
marriage, Moloch tricked the Duke into a legal marriage by
informing the priest of the Duke’s immoral designs. Young
T udo r Dauling was the offspring of tha t marriage.
Using intrigue and blackmail, Moloch succeeds in getting
T udo r to marry Rachel. All ends well, for when the Duke sees
his lovely daughter-in-law he is won over completely.
J u d a h ’s L i o n ,
by Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna. New York, 1845.
Nathan Alexander (Alick) Cohen, son of a rich merchant, is
reared with little concern for the Jewish religion. Like his father,
Alick wishes to resemble a Christian in manner and dress for
business reasons, and also because it is his ambition to become
a member of Parliament.
Business interests take him to the Middle East. In the Holy
Land, Alick meets Mr. and Mrs. Ryan, devout Christians who
influence him to accept Jesus. Alick converts to Christianity on
the assumption that in so doing he fulfills the role of a believing
Jew. The book ends with Alick giving a toast to England, Jesus
and the Jewish people.
N e w O r l e a n s
As I
F o u n d
, by Edward Henry Durell. New
York, 1845.
T he narrator of the story, a physician, meets Solomon Moses
in a rooming house and describes him as “A little, thin, shrivelled-
up a man of some fifty years . . . a Jew’s face all the world over
. . . poorly clad in a dress made up of odds and ends of a slop­
shop.” Solomon has come to New Orleans from Hamburg, Ger­
many. In their first meeting Solomon tries to sell the doctor
some of the numerous articles hidden on his person, “a secret
he had learned in cheating the customs of Hamburg.”
From time to time Solomon visits the doctor for medical
advice and during these visits tells stories of the dishonest busi­
ness practices of Jews and the means by which some Jews in
Europe have amassed immense fortunes.
The Yellow Fever plague overtakes New Orleans. Solomon
invests all his money in the purshase of coffins of all sizes. They
are stacked in nests on top of each other and fill up his room