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from floor to ceiling. As the plague spreads, Solomon’s business
of selling coffins thrives. But he himself contracts the disease and
dies. Concerning the demise of this Jew, his physician says of
him tha t he is “the only patien t over whose death-bed I have
never wept.”
T h e Q u a k e r C i t y , o r T h e M o n k s o f M o n k - H a l l , b y
Lippard. Philadelphia, 1845.
T he story is an attempt to depict Philadelphia’s upper classes
as being made up of thieves and robbers. One of the characters
is Gabriel Von Gelt, a Jew who helps Colonel Fitz-Cowles
commit a forgery. While Von Gelt will assist in an act of
forgery for financial gain, he has none of the qualities of
cruelty and viciousness of the other members of the Fitz-Cowles
For his complicity in the forgery, Von Gelt is promised
$10,000 by Fitz-Cowles, bu t the Jew is tricked out of getting
this money. Fearing that Von Gelt will betray him, Fitz-Cowles
and his gang murder the Jew after forcing him to give up the
papers that will incriminate them.
T h e F r e n c h J e w , o r K i l l i n g T im e in t h e J e r s i e s , b y
Holt Ingraham. Boston, 1846.
This attempt at humor is one of a collection of short stories
in a volume entitled
The Spectre Steamer and O ther Tales.
T he story is about a French Jew who has an aversion to eating
pork. October and November being the months during which
pigs are killed in the Jersies, the Jew is served pork wherever he
goes. His frustration mounts, for each time he orders food in
anticipation of a good meal, the various items on the menu turn
out to be different cuts of pork.
B e n j a m i n t h e J e w o f G r a n a d a , b y
Edward Maturin. New York,
The setting is 14th century Spain in the time of Moorish
rule. Benjamin’s beautiful daughter, Rachel, is in love with
Ibrahim, a Moor who is a chieftain in King Boadil’s army. Em­
bittered by his daughter’s love for an infidel, Benjamin plots
to have Ibrahim killed by lying to the king and falsely proving
by means of a ring tha t Ibrahim and the king’s wife, Morayne,
are carrying on a clandestine affair. In the end, Benjamin achieves