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fitted greatly from participa tion in the Israel PL-480 program,
which is missed at Yale as sorely as in other institutions. Judaic
materials are now acquired through a combination of blanket
and standing orders and hard orders placed with a variety of
T he Judaica Collection in Sterling Memorial Library now
holds about 35,000 titles, in a mu ltitude of languages. Th is
figure does not include Yale’s extensive holdings of Juda ic
bibliography, which form part of the library’s various biblio­
graphic collections. Also no t included are rare Judaica in the
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (and added to this
library after serial numbering was substituted for classification
by sub ject) . I t is difficult, if not impossible, to give any figures
on the size of these two la tter collections.
T he greater part of Yale’s Judaica is housed in Sterling
Memorial Library, in the Judaica Collection. T he materials
are identified by the word “Juda ica” over the call number, and
are kept on level 6-M of the open stacks. T he Judaica Collection
includes extensive holdings on Jewish history, philosophy, reli­
gion, law, and ethics, Karaitica, Talmud , responsa, and rabbinica.
Yale has a good collection of Hebrew literature, and fine holdings
in Yiddish. Coverage of Bible and biblical archaeology is ex­
cellent, because of the broad-based interest in these subjects
in the departments of Near East Languages and Literatures and
Religious Studies, and in the Yale Divinity School. Materials
on Bible and biblical archaeology are found in the Judaica
Collection, Sterling stacks, the Babylonian Seminar (also in
S terling), and the Divinity Library.
Also in Sterling, in the Historical Manuscripts and Archives
Department, are several relevant collections of papers and memo­
rabilia. In addition to the Stokes, Smyth, and Vincent collections
which include documents on travel in Palestine, the department
has an extensive file called the Palestine Statehood Committee
Papers. These are correspondence, memoranda, reports, and the
like, of the American Friends of a Jewish Palestine, the Com­
mittee for an Army of Stateless and Palestinian Jews, the
Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe,
the American League for a Free Palestine, and the Hebrew Com­
mittee of National Liberation. Individual files include those
of or on Peter Bergson, Arieh ben Eliezer, Zeev Jabotinsky,