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Theodore W iener provides guidance to those who may wish to
commemorate these dates. The Annua l has chosen to mark the
anniversaries of Alexander Marx, of blessed memory, and
yibadlu le-hayyim arukhim, of Charles Angoff and Eisig
Silberschlag, both of whom have made manifold contributions
to our literature.
I t is eminently fitting that the Annu a l be devoted to the
memory of Bertie G. Schwartz, first woman president of the
Jewish Book Council, whose life-time interest in promoting an
awareness and appreciation of Jewish books served as an inspira­
tion to all who knew her. In her organizational work she viewed
the dissemination of knowledge o f the Jewish book as her
primary aim. Her establishing, together w ith her husband, of
the Charles and Bertie G. Schwartz Juven ile L iterature Award
was but one example of her devotion to Jewish books. The
volume, A modern interpretation of Judaism: fa ith through
reason, which she wrote with her husband, was re-issued last
year. This year she edited The A tid bibliography: a resource
fo r the questioning Jew.
The Talmud has it that when one quotes the teaching of
a departed sage, siftotav dovevot ba-kever—his lips are said to
move gently in the grave. By the same token, by perpetuating
Bertie G. Schwartz’s work in behalf of Jewish books we help
maintain her spiritual legacy as a living force in our midst.
It remains for us to express thanks and appreciation to our
sponsor, the National Jewish W e lfare Board. W e gratefully
acknowledge two special gifts, that o f the Lucius N. L ittauer
Foundation and the Israel Matz Foundation. T o Dr. A. A lan
Steinbach, editor emeritus, and to Rabbis Judah Nadich and
G ilbert Klaperman, past presidents of the Council, our kudos
for their constant cooperation and encouragement.
Before making aliyah to Jerusalem, Rabbi Ph ilip Goodman,
who served with distinction as managing editor for many years,
participated in the planning of this volume. W e wish to express
our gratitude to him. W e owe thanks also to Sharon M. Strass-
feld, his successor as director of the Jewish Book Council, for
her valued aid in seeing the volume through the press.