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He has authored a wide variety of Jewish religious textbooks,
among them a source book of Jewish history for young people,
most recently a work on the synagogue through the ages.
alom on
a lm a n
e iger
100th anniversary of death. Born In Frank­
furt on the Main, Germany, in 1792, died there September 6, 1878.
An older brother of the Reform rabbi Abraham Geiger, he re­
mained strictly Orthodox. His major work gives a detailed descrip­
tion of the ritua l of the trad itional Jewish community of F rankfurt
with careful Halachic undergirdings.
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in sberg
75th birthday. Born in Montreal, December
6, 1903. As professor of Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary
of America he has made solid contributions to biblical scholarship
by his work on Daniel and Ecclesiastes. He also has served on the
committee of translators for the new English version of the Bible,
now being published by the Jewish Publication Society of America.
ou is
25th anniversary of death. Born in Kovno, Russia, in
1873, died in New York, November 11, 1953. After a trad itional
education at home and a modern academic train ing in Germany,
he came to the Un ited States early in this century to work on the
talmudic departmen t of the
Jewish Encyclopedia.
After tha t he
became professor of T alm ud and rabbinics at the Jewish Theologi­
cal Seminary of America, where he served for the rest of his life.
Considered the most outstanding scholar in his field in this country,
who edited numerous texts and wrote many monographs, he be­
came best known to the wider public by
The Legends of the Jews
(1909-1938) and its posthumous abridgment,
Legends of the Bible
(1956). Here he brought together the rabbinic leegnds to the b ib ­
lical narrative from the beginning to the time of King David.
a h um
N . G
75th anniversary of birth. Born in Lvov, Poland,
March 25, 1903. An associate of Franz Rosenzweig and Martin
Buber in Germany, he has taught in Israel and at Brandeis U n i­
versity. In recent years he has published anthologies on Judaism
and Jewish history in English, bringing otherwise hardly accessible
materials to the American reader. He has also p repared English
editions of works by Buber, Rosenzweig, and Samuel Joseph Ag-
non, the Nobel laureate.
lueck son
100th anniversary of b irth . Born in Cholynka,
Poland, August 30, 1878, died in Tel-Aviv in 1939. Having studied
philosophy in Germany, while at the same time being active for
the Zionist cause, he eventually became secretary of the Hovevei
Zion committee in Odessa. After the Russian Revolution he
settled in Palestine, becaming editor of the daily,
wrote numerous articles on Zionism and its history, which were