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to New York, where he edited two Labor Zionist periodicals, one
in Yiddish and the o ther in English,
The Jewish Frontier.
In his
writings he went beyond Zionist advocacy and tried to shape his
total philosophy in to a coherent system. As an active leader in
the Zionist movement, he is credited in w inning over some Latin
American delegates to the Un ited Nations for the passage of the
pa rtition resolution of 1947. In English there appeared two
anthologies of his writings,
The Inn e r Eye
(2 vols., 1953-64) and
Hayim Greenberg Anthology
. 80th birthday. Born in Dobsk, Russia, October 28, 1898.
In the Un ited States since 1914, he has taught Hebrew literatu re in
this country and in Israel, serving as professor of Hebrew literature
at the Hebrew University beginning with 1949. In add ition to
literary criticism he has published collections of Hebrew poetry,
novels and short stories, and has translated several plays of
Shakespeare and W alt W h itm an ’s
Leaves of Grass
in to Hebrew.
In English he published
Modern Hebrew Literature
(1950, re­
issued 1970).
arkav i
70th birthday. Born in Yekaterinoslav, Russia, February
1, 1908. In Palestine since 1926, he has been active in publishing
and bibliographic work, including the ed iting of a bibliographical
journal. He has likewise edited several literary collections.
erem iah
e in em a n n
200th anniversary of b irth . Born in Sandersle-
ben, Germany, Ju ly 20, 1778, died in Berlin in 1855. A modern
Jewish educator who directed a Jewish teachers institu te in Berlin,
he published many text-books on the Jewish religion and Hebrew
grammars, also edited several German Jewish periodicals. He
likewise edited several prayerbooks with German translation , also
several collections of laws and regulations affecting the Jews of
Germany in the pre-emancipation era.
am u e l
hm e lk e
orow itz
200th anniversary of death. Born in
Galicia in 1726, died in Nikolsburg, Moravia, April 28, 1778. A
disciple of Dov Ber, the Maggid of Meseritz, one of the early
Hasidic leaders, he became a rabbinic scholar, while at the same
time propagating Hasidism. Eventually he became chief rabb i of
Moravia and used his position to counteract the bans against the
Hasidim issued in Vilna. He was the au thor of several rabb in ic
works, including Cabalistic views.
acob son
150th anniversary of death. Born in Halberstadt,
Germany, in 1768, died in Berlin, September 13, 1828. A pro­
m inen t court banker in the pre-emancipation period of the Jews
in Germany, he used his wealth to establish a Jewish vocational
school in Seesen, Germany, and to advance the civic rights of the