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Jews. As court banker to King Jerome of Westphalia, the b ro ther
of Napoleon, he reorganized the Jewish communities of tha t king­
dom and institu ted the first Reform services with German hymns
and sermons. A French work of his, addresses to Napoleon and
advocating the hierarchical organization of Jewry after the pa tte rn
of the Catholic Church, is credited with having inspired Napoleon
to convene the Paris Sanhedrin in 1807. After the defeat of
Napoleon, he settled in Berlin, where his a ttemp t to establish a
Reform synagogue was ultimately defeated by the opposition of
the Orthodox.
75th anniversary of death. Born in Rogasen, Posen,
Germany, in 1829, died in Philadelphia, October 13, 1903. T ra ined
as a liberal rabbi in Germany, he served in this capacity in Warsaw
at the time of the Polish insurrection of 1861 and eventually had
to leave. In 1866 he became rabb i of Congregation Rodeph Shalom
in Philadelphia. Here he took a position somewhat in between the
radical Reformers, like Isaac
Wise, and the traditionalists. He
adapted the prayerbook of Benjam in Szold, which only included
moderate reforms and provided it with an English translation. He
was ed itor of the departmen t of T alm ud of the
Jewish Encyclo­
His major con tribu tion to Jewish scholarship is his
tionary of the Targumim, the Ta lmud Babli and Yerushalmi and
the Midrasliic Literature
(1886-1903), more recently rep rin ted as
Hebrew-Aramaic-English Dictionary.
I t remains the only one of
its k ind in English.
70th birthday. Born in Indura, Poland,
A ugu s t
10, 1908. From 1933-1967 he taught Hebrew at New York Univer­
sity, finally as head of the departmen t of Hebrew studies. Since
then he served as president of Dropsie University in Philadelphia.
A n
early work of his was an exposition of Einstein's theory of
relativity in Hebrew (1936). He also wrote
Judaism in Islam
(1954), which also appeared in Hebrew translation.
O n
trips to
Eastern Europe he obtained microfilms of Hebrew manuscripts
in East European libraries, some of which he utilized in publishing
Hebrew texts, such as Mishnah fragments from the Cairo Genizah.
50th anniversary of death. Born in Tarnow , Galicia,
in 1859, died in Vienna, December 6, 1928. A prom inen t English
scholar, who served as professor of English a t the University of
Czernowitz, Bukowina, at the same time as a member of the
provincial parliament for the Jewish National Party before World
W ar I. He was also a very close associate of T heodo r Herzl, the
German edition of some of whose writings he prepared after the
la tte r’s death, he also wrote the first volume of a biography of