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Herzl in German. In the last decade of his life he was the English
language expert in the office of the president of Austria.
e b e n so h n
100th anniversary of death. Born in Vilna
in 1794, died there November 19, 1878. A successful businessman,
who embraced the Haskalah of the Mendelssohn school, he pub ­
lished a new edition of Mendelssohn’s commentary to the Bible
with a supplement. He also taught at the government rabbinical
school in Vilna. His Hebrew poetry, although now mostly of
historical value, was im po rtan t in its day. Personal tragedies, such
as the death of his children, called forth powerful elegies on his
ic ah
o seph
e b e n so h n
150th anniversary of b irth . Born in Vilna,
February 22, 1828, died there in 1852. T h e son of Abraham Dov
Lebensohn he received a modern education and translated poetry
from Western languages in to Hebrew. Since he suffered from
tuberculosis, he spent some time in German resorts where he was
influenced by the Romantic movement which is reflected in his
Hebrew poetry. His poems based on biblical themes are no t
treated any longer in the stylized form of the earlier Haskalah,
bu t ra the r from na tu ra l experience. Thu s he helped liberate
Hebrew poetry from its ra tionalist Haskalah conventions.
a n i
e ib
25th anniversary of death. Born in Nizn, Russia, in 1883,
died in New York, October 4, 1953. Coming to America as a
young man, he soon attracted atten tion by his original poetry. He
was one of the leaders of the so-called
a literary movement
among Yiddish writers which forsook themes of social protest for
personal themes.
a u l
ie b e rm a n
80th birthday. Born in Mitili, Russia, May 27, 1898.
For many years a professor of rabbinics at the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America in New York and a prolific scholar in this
field, he has been publishing an edition of the
with a very
elaborate commentary. In English there have appeared
Greek in
Jewish Palestine, Hellenism in Jewish Palestine,
and more recently
a collection of shorter articles dealing with these subjects,
T ex ts
and Studies.
p h r a im
a lm a n
argol ioth
150th anniversary of death. Born in
Brody, Galicia, in 1760, died there August 4, 1828. Although
trained for the rabbinate, he engaged in business and became
qu ite wealthy, enabling him to study. Highly regarded as a rab ­
binical scholar, he published several volumes of responsa, a super­
commentary on Rashi’s commentary on the Pentateuch, also a
genealogical work on p rom inen t Galician rabbinical families. U n ­