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being an anthology of texts by Greek and Roman writers concern­
ing Jews and Judaism. He also supervised the French ed ition of
Josephus. As an expert on ancient numismatics, he also wrote on
ancient Jewish coins, and there appeared his
Jewish Coins
A history of the Jews in French was w ritten from an anti-Zionist
and assimilationist viewpoint.
e ingold
75th anniversary of death. Born in Russia abou t 1878,
died in Chicago, October 22, 1903. Coming to this country as a
teenager, he spent most of his working days in the sweatshops of
Chicago. Suffering from tuberculosis, which brought abou t his
early death, he specialized in adap ting English popu lar songs for
the Yiddish speaking public. Several collections of his poetry
were published in his lifetime. In 1952 a collection of all his
poetry with a critical evaluation was published.
e ise n
25th anniversary of death. Born in Kaidanovo,
Russia, in 1876, died in New York, March 13, 1953. One of the
most prolific Yiddish poets and short-story writers in his generation,
he was associated as a young man with Peretz and Sholom Asch
in Warsaw, before coming to these shores in 1914. Here he con­
tinued his literary activity, editing Yiddish magazines and writing
stories and poems characterized by an artistic quality for the
Yiddish daily press. A bibliography after his death lists thousands
of items. Only a few of his stories and poems were translated in to
English, usually in anthologies of Yiddish literature.
ena ch em
ib a low
25th anniversary of death. Born in Chudnov,
Russia, in 1895, died in New York, September 17, 1953. After
studies at the University of Moscow, he came to this country in
1921 and assumed the editorship of
the only Hebrew
weekly in the Un ited States. His literary work was devoted to an
analysis of modern Hebrew literature in numerous essays. As a
leader of the H istadru th Ivrith, he promoted Hebrew as a spoken
language in this country. In add ition to numerous anthologies and
collections of articles, there appeared posthumously his
The Flower­
ing of Modern Hebrew Literature
(1959), a selection of his work
in translation.
o seph
arach ek
25th anniversary of death. Born in New York in
1892, died there Jun e 15, 1953. A p rom inen t Conservative rabb i
in the New York area, he was a student of Jewish philosophy. His
works include
The Doctrine of the Messiah in Medieval Jewish
L iterature (1932, rep rin ted 1968),
Faith and Reason, the Conflict
over the Rationalism of Maimonides
(1935, rep rin ted 1970), and
Don Isaac Abravanel