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oldem berg
, I
The fragm en ted life of Don Jacobo Lerner .
by Robert S. Picciotto. New York, Persea Books, 1976. 186 p.
The author, a Jew and a poet who was born and raised in
Peru, has drawn a good individual portrait set against a vivid
community background. Don Jacobo Lerner is a Jewish refugee
from Czarist Russia. On his deathbed he tries to piece together
his adult life spent in Peru, as a merchant, brothel operator, ped­
dler, and as a man sometimes deeply Orthodox and sometimes
oldste in
, R
u t h
T he heart is half a p roph e t.
New York,
Macmillan, 1976. 301 p.
Another family chronicle, about the hasidic tradition, and set
against the background of Brooklyn during the depression.
, C
h a im
T he yeshiva.
Tr. by Curt Leviant. Indianapolis, Bobbs-
Merrill, 1977. 387 p.
A brilliant novel by one of the greatest living Yiddish poets
and novelists. Grade recounts the secret doubts of a fiercely pious
Jewish scholar as he searches through the synagogues of Eastern
Europe for students for a planned yeshiva. An epic picture of
the Jewish world of a vanished time and place, with fully drawn
characters and a vividly evoked milieu.
C. A.
B loody Sep tember .
New York, Harper and Row, 1976.
177 p.
A thriller about Daniel Haham, a rich businessman and play­
boy, who is deeply involved in Israel’s intelligence operations.
, S
h u l a m it h
C ity of many days.
Tr. by Hillel Halkin. New
York, Doubleday, 1977. 206 p.
Winner of the Prime Minister’s Creativity Prize in Israel, this
panoramic novel is set in Jerusalem from 1917 to 1948. It deals
with the Amarillos, a distinguished Israeli family experiencing
the growth of the Holy City, living through the Brititsh-Arab-
Jewish conflict and the War of Independence.
arr is
, L
The Masada p lan .
New York, Crown, 1976. 314 p.
The time is 1979. The central characters are the Israeli am­
bassador to the UN and his mistress, a famous American TV per­
sonality. The CIA unsuccessfully tries to find out whether Israel
has a plan to unleash doomsday bombs in major cities if the
Arabs are allowed to destroy Israel.
im m e l
, R
The twen ty-th ird web.
New York, Random House,
1977. 309 p.
A powerful Iraqi sheik, with the help of a deranged computer
wizard, devises a plan to destroy Israel by stopping American
support. He plants agents in 28 cities in America and threatens