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political figure comes through in this properly feisty biography of
Bella Abzug, congresswoman from New York, (ages 11-14)
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, R
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M ende l the mouse.
Illus. New York, Torah Umeso-
rah, 1976. 81 p.
Ktonton has a rival in Orthodox “Mendel the mouse” told in
rhyme. Mendel has a new adventure on every two pages—each
exemplifying a Jewish value. Its perky freshness offsets the didactic
purpose of the book, making learning fun. (ages 7-10)
o rm an
, J
am e s
The W h ite Crow.
New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux,
1976. 227 p.
Fictionalized recreation of Hitler’s youth, from 1907, when he
was 18, until the unsuccessful Putsch at Munich in 1923. Remark­
able portrait of a fanatic, showing roots of the anger and hatred
which in later years engulfed the world, (ages 12-16)
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an fr ed
Yeshiva children w r ite po e try : from the heart . . .
we sing.
Illus. by the children. Index. New York, Hebrew Publishing
Co., 1976. 146 p.
A collection of poems written by Yeshiva students for a com­
petition sponsored by the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools.
The poems are typical classroom exercises imbued with a strong
moral tone, (ages 9-12)
, R
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Crafts fo r the Jewish child.
Illus. by Aby Frishman.
New York, Shulsinger Press, 1976. 32 p.
Crafts for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simhat Torah
and Hanukkah with emphasis on parties and appropriate decora­
tions. Clear and explicit directions and illustrations are provided.
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, G
lor ia
Season of D iscovery.
New York, Nelson, 1976.
156 p.
The year preceding Liza Rabinow’s Bat Mitzvah is especially
difficult as she examines her ambivalent feelings toward her brain­
damaged twin brother, and gains a deeper understanding of her
people’s past thru a close relationship with a dying victim of the
Holocaust, (age 11.-14)
olom b
, M
Know you r festivals and en joy them .
Revised ediiton.
New York, Shengold, 1976. 189 p.
An attractive text-book type of book with the historical back­
ground of each Jewish festival clearly and concisely explained,
followed by questions and answers, (ages 8-12)
reen f ield
, H
Illus. and design by Bea Feitler. New
York, Holt, Reinhart 8c Winston, 1976. 39 p.
Epic of the Maccabees focusing on historic background in a
straight-forward telling. Strongly evoked is the need for all people