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to maintain their own identity. Distinguished in text, format and
design, (ages 10 and up)
e rm a n
, C
h arlo t te
The difference of A r i Stein .
Illus. by Ben Shecter.
New York, Dial, 1976. 160 p.
Eleven-year old Ari, from an Orthodox Jewish family, discovers
he is different from the new neighborhood boys who are trying
to be Americanized by discarding traditional ways. Carries flavor
of time and period, 1944; but some of the characterizations are
stereotypical, (ages 10-13)
a n
, A
n it a
Ex it from home.
New York, Crown, 1977. 288 p.
A young Jewish boy’s increasing dissatisfaction with the religious
and political oppression facing him finds the courage to leave his
revolution-torn Russian homeland in 1905 and escape to America.
Much emphasis on inter-generational conflict, (ages 12-15)
ir sh
, M
a r il y n
Captain J iv i and R a b b i Jacob.
York, H o liday
House, 1976. 28 p.
An adaptation from a Jewish folktale, in which pious, scholarly
Rabbi Jacob and brave Capt. Jiri learn from one another when
their guardian angels get mixed up and the turnabout turns into
a cultural exchange. Rich and colorful illus. depict medieval
Europe, (ages 6-9)
ar p
, N
a om i
The turn ing p o in t .
New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jova-
novich, 1976. 154 p.
Twelve-year old Hannah and her older brother encounter anti-
Semitism head on, when the family moves from the Bronx to a
mixed suburban community. Although the time is 1938, with a
strong current of sympathy for Hitler, the plot becomes over­
shadowed by the constant exposes of bigotry and anti-Semitism.
Some of the characters are real people, some stereotypes, (ages
a tsh
, A
b raham
Bar m itzvah .
7th enlarged edition. New York,
Shengold, 1976. 176 p.
A collection of essays and stories, highlighted by striking illustra­
tions, covering the pageantry of Jewish history, (ages 13 and up)
im m e l
, E
M ishka, Pishka and Fishka and o ther Galician tales.
Illus. by Christopher J. Spollen. New York, Coward, 1976. 64 p.
Five affectionate, wryly humorous folk tales. The etchings are
frequently decorative and lively, (ages 10-16)
le in bard
, G
it e l
Oh! Zalmy!: the tale of the porcela in pon y .
Book 1.
Illus. by Shmuel Kunda. New York, Mah Tov Publications, 1976.
55 p.
A young boy from an Orthodox Jewish family resolves a family
problem with his brother through honesty and forgiveness. This