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gay little book is more a teaching vehicle than a story-book, but
still has child appeal, (ages 4-7)
---- ,
Oh , Zalmy! or the tale of the too th;
Book 2. Illus. by Shmuel
Kunda. New York, Mah Tov Publications, 1977. 52 p.
Zalmy loses his tooth, makes a mezuzah and saves a life—doing
mitzvot all the way. The simple text and cartoonish pictures make
these books popular with beginning readers—didactic though they
are. (ages 4-7)
n ight
, V
Send for Haym Salomon.
Alhambra, Calif. Borden, 1976.
Illus. by Joseph Henneger. 98 p.
Fictionalized biography of the Jewish financier whose funds and
faith in the Colonies’ cause were of major importance in the Rev.
War era. Co-operative venture in collaboration with the Haym
Solomon Foundation, (ages 10-13)
a p in e
, J
e n n if e r
u sa n
M y f irst H ebrew a lphabe t book.
by the authors. New York, Bloch, 1977. Unp.
A brightly illustrated alphabet book with poster-like illustrations
—bright and effective, (ages 4-7)
eh rm a n
S. M.
The Jewish design for living.
New York, Shengold,
1976. 376 p.
A newer version of the popular digest of Jewish ethical principles.
Filled with action-oriented imperatives for Jewish living, (ages
12 and up.)
ev itan
, S
o n ia
A single speck led egg.
Illus. New York, Parnassus, 1976.
About three foolish farmers who worry over minor matters and
are taught a lesson by their smart wives. Jewish only in tone and
milieu; adapted from a familiar folktale theme, (ages 5-8)
L i s o w s k i , G a b r i e l .
T evye became a m ilkman.
Illus. by the
author. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1976. Unp.
A funny and warm adaptation of the Sholem Aleichem story about
Tevye, his wife, their seven daughters, and their way of life. How­
ever, it makes pogroms and anti-Semitism seem only slightly un­
pleasant. (ages 7-10)
it v in o f f
, B
ar n et t
W e izmann: Last of the Patriarchs.
w i t h
photos. New York, Putnam, 1976. 287 p.
A well-written biography about the public life of Chaim Weiz­
mann. Brings out his vision and perseverance in his dedication
to his people, (ages 12 and up)
ark ish
, D
av id
A new w or ld fo r Simon Ashkenazy.
New York,
D u t ­
t o n , 1976 . 2 8 7 p .