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A fifteen-year old Jewish boy and his family experience exile
in a primitive Soviet Asian village, where the boy grabs life as he
finds it. Tender, humorous and inspiring, (ages 12 and up)
, C
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Moses, Moses.
Ken Munowitz. New York,
Harper and Row, 1977.
One of the best-loved stories of the Bible comes alive in this
new retelling enriched with highly stylised, dramatic illustrations,
(ages 4-8)
, M
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N eve r to forge t, the Jews of the Holocaust.
York, Harper and Row, 1976. 217 p.
Moving and explicit documentation of the tragically successful
story of Hitler’s program to exterminate the Jews. Focusing both
on the human tragedy and historical uniqueness of the Holocaust,
this powerful and compelling narrative is a ‘must read’ for young
and old alike, (ages 13 and up)
---- ,
T ak ing R oo t; Jewish imm igran ts in America.
New York, Farrar,
Straus & Giroux, 1976. 262 p.
Vivid first-hand memories of the struggles and triumphs of the
Jewish immigrant’s experience in America, from the 1880s to the
1920s, serve as the backbone of this companion volume to the
W o r ld of our Fathers
(Farrar, 1974). (ages 13 and up)
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, M
ic ho e l
D a v id comes home.
Illus. New York, Merkos
L’inyonei Chinuch, 1976. 47 p.
A tiny book about
in a hasidic shtetl, with delicate,
detailed drawings, (ages 4-7)
---- .
The scribe who lived in a tree.
Illus. New York, Merkos L’inyonei
Chinuch, 1976. 47.
Shlomo is a hasidic scribe who lives in a fully furnished, elaborate
tree home, detailed in two-toned miniatures by the artist. The
small format will appeal to the younger reader, (ages 4-7)
e im ark
, A
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Sigmund Freud; the wor ld w ith in .
New York, Har-
court, Brace, Jovanovich, 1976. 120 p.
Drawing upon both primary and secondary sources, Freud is
presented against the background of late 19th-century Vienna,
with some insight into the world politics of the period as well as
medicine. Fictionalized text will appeal to teen-agers, (ages 10-13)
, D
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A certain magic.
New York, Dial, 1976. 176 p.
Parallel lives, 36 years apart, come together when 11-year old
Jenny stumbles upon her aunt's old diary relating her ex­
periences as a Jewish refugee living in England. Contemporary
story, blending fantasy and realism, which conveys feeling of unity
of past and present, (ages 10-13)