Page 225 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 35

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.Vryaayaxr D^n nor* nxa
.y j/w by
nnw im
n i b m
: □ ” n n a
. r t o n ,p^pna
Responsa, by Joseph Hayyim Sonnenfeld (1849-1932), chief rabbi
of the Orthodox community of Jerusalem.
,*pxw .w n , p ^ r a .prtr p W a x
n m n m
. i n n 1? m a w
wan ,n*DTo ,myiaw ,noD ,naw : d ^ i i t nyaw .x
. r t o n
. o m s ,noian .nawn
Sermons for the Sabbath and various Jewish festivals, by Asher
Anshel ten Isaac, 17th century Galician rabbi.
y t y"w *?y ,nya nywi .oew a ]wn - jn y i n t o
: d s i p m
i y w
,r^pfna w r r i iX'pa n^xn axr p -io’x
rx a .man motor
.d’d t xy,sp . r t o n , p i a
A commentary on the civil law portion of the Shulhan Aruch, with
an additional section on the law of interest, by Israel Isser ben Zeev
Wolf, of Vinnitsa, Russia (died 1829).
OhTKpwn om nx nxa .ny i m r
y " w by
nn&a :
x n n ’ n
y v
/ a y tra . r t o n / ir w ’toxa now nT aw ^maoaiPteTi
An index to the second part of the Shulhan Aruch, dealing mainly
with the dietary laws, by Abromas Druskavicius, first published in
Kovno, Lithuania, in 1933.
. r t o n ,jana .r / p V n a .insn r a n ’y mnaoa
:*t" n m s , D i n
y ' b
/ o ,rt3
,Y 'i
, m
Commentary on the Talmud, by Isaiah ben Mali di Trani.
D”n n m naoV manpa. nxnaii D’aip’m nwan : d *»n m x x m
’an am a n n r ,p*?pma
. iy y b
xa’py nxa .DXDEmto D^n1?
.D” n n m oy "pina / a y a"s . r t o n ,rpx
Notes and bibliographic references to the commentary on the Pen­
tateuch of Hayyim Halberstam, by Akiba Liber, first published in 1899.
.nmnn nax^a ’a’aya nnym d w ih :
” n n >x s 1n ( o n
a1 p )
/ay rrx .r ton ,rvnia dowx wan /p^pna .yaayr onaa nxa
On the prohibition of carrying on the Sabbath, by Menahem
Ziemba (1884-1943), a prominent Polish rabbi, who perished in the
Warsaw Ghetto.