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Personal and literary memoir, published in honor of the Roman-
ian-Jewish scholar and journalist’s 70th birthday. Before the war he
was known under his original name, Itsic Shvarts.
.1892—1913 ria Jis isya
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m >1913 pa p 'n y a r x
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B u ir sk i, S o lom o n .
My L ithuan ia .
Johannesburg, Kayor, 1976. 152 p.,
The author, born in Kovno, describes his childhood in that city,
as well as his student years as a Bundist and a Bolshevik in Shavli
and Berlin until 1913, when he emigrated to South Africa.
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.aOl^X /TT 327 .1976
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S c h r a g e r ,
On the border of two epochs; memoirs.
Paris, 1976. 327
p., illus.
The author was formerly the director of “ORT” in France. He
describes his experiences as a communist, a Bundist and later as
an “ORT” official.
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.y n 8 i » o y i r x lyrnpaayr toy a^ -a^ n pja p y n y ’sxT xaxa ytzpa
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198 .1973—r t o n ,am x ,a * to iT
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.lyromaajp y n ^ x p iy:>ytos8waTvm8,7
T o r e n , H a im .
Once there was a village; a descrip tive monograph .
Jerusalem, Udim, 1973. 198 p.
Bilingual (Yiddish and Hebrew) memoirs about the Romanian-
Jewish agricultural colony Dumbraveni.