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B e l l o w ,
Sau l.
T o Jerusalem and back: a personal account.
1976. 182 p.
B en -Sasson , H a y im H i l l e l ,
A H istory of the Jew ish p eop le .
London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1976. xii, 1170 p. Illus.
Professor Ben-Sasson who edited this major work also wrote the
chapter on the Middle Ages, while Prof. Abraham Malamat
wrote the chapter on Origins and the Formative Period, Prof.
Hayim Tadmor, the Period of the First Temple, the Babylonian
Exile and Restoration, Prof. Menahem Stern, The Period of the
Second Temple; Shmuel Safrai, The Era of the Mishnah and
Talmud (70-640) and Prof. Shmuel Ettinger, The Modern Period.
B e r k o v i t s , E l i e z e r .
Crisis and Faith.
London, Hebrew Publishing Co.,
a Sanhedrin Press Book, 1977. 92 p.
Modern Jewish philosophy.
B e rm a n t , Cha im .
Com ing home.
London, Allen &Unwin, 1976. 220 p.
Autobiography of an Anglo-Jewish writer, who came from East­
ern Europe, was brought up in Glasgow, went to live in Israel with
his family, but came back to England which is his real home as
an English writer.
---- ,
Second Mrs. Wh itberg .
London, Allen & Unwin, 1976. 200 p.
B e t h e l l , N i c h o l a s .
The war H i t le r won: Sep tem ber , 1939.
Futura Pubns, 1976. 480 p.
The Polish campaign, including the persecution of Jews.
B i a l e r ,
Y. I.
Jewish life in art and trad ition .
London, Weidenfeld 8c
Nicolson, 1976. 144 p. Illus.
Based upon the Collection of the Sir Isaac 8c Lady Edith Wolf-
son Museum, Hechal Shlomo, Jerusalem.
B la u k o p f , K u r t ,
ed. and
R om an , Z o l t a n .
Mah ler: a documen tary
London, Thames 8c Hudson, 1976. 288 p. Illus.
Extensive study of the composer Gustav Mahler.
B o n o , Edward .
The greatest thinkers. The th irty m inds that shaped
our c iv ilisation .
London, Weidenfeld, 1976. 216 p. Illus.
Includes Moses, Jesus, Marx and Freud.
B u l l , Odd.
War and peace in the M idd le East: the experiences and
view s of a U.N. observer.
London, Cooper, 1976. xvi, 205 p.
First published in Norwegian in 1973, this is an objective ana­
lysis of the Middle East conflict by the commander of UNTSO
Bu rgess , A n th o n y .
Moses: a narrative.
London, Dempsey and Squires,
1977. 189 p.