Page 257 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 35

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B u r r , G i l l i a n ,
More ways to a man’s heart.
London, Vallentine
Mitchell, 1976. 218 p. Illus.
A Jewish cookbook.
B u r r id g e , T r e v o r .
British labour and H i t le r ’s war.
London, Andre
Deutsch, 1976. 206 p.
The Labour Party’s reaction to Nazism and the persecution of
B u r t o n , A n th o n y .
Josiah W edgwood .
London, Andre Deutsch, 1976.
240 p. Illus.
Biography of the British politician who was one of the out­
standing Gentile Zionists.
B u tz ,
A. R.
The hoax of the tw en tie th century.
Richmond, Surrey,
Historical Review Press, 1976, 315 p.
Antisemitic work; trying to show that the Nazi murders of 6
million Jews are a myth.
C am eron , Jam es .
The making of Israel.
London, Seeker 8c Warburg,
1976. 128 p. Illus.
A reknowned British journalist gives his personal account of the
birth of Israel and the War of Independence.
C a r l e b a c h , J u l iu s .
Karl Marx and the radical critique of Judaism .
London, Routledge Kegan Paul, 1977. 372 p. (Littman Library of
Jewish Civilization).
C arm i,
T . and
Pag is , D an .
Selected poems.
Trans, from Hebrew S.
Mitchell, n.e. Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1976. 144 p. (Modern
European Poets Series).
C arpoz i, G e o r g e .
Bugsy: Benjam in “Bugsy” Siegal.
London, Futura,
1976. 192 p. Illus. (Everest Books).
C h ibw e ,
E. G.
A rab dollars fo r Africa.
London, Croom Helm, 1976.
147 p. Illus.
Discusses the Middle East conflict and Arab investment in Africa.
C la r en s , C a r lo s .
London, Seeker & Warburg, 1976. 224 p.
Illus. (Cinema One Series).
Biography of George Cuker.
C o l e , P e t e r .
Studies in modern Hebreiu syntax and semantics.
Pub . Co.
1976. xii, 286 p.
C om ay , J o a n .
The H ebrew kings.
London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson,
1976. viii, 468 p. Illus.
Relates the history of the Kings of Israel from Saul to the
destruction of the kingdom of Judah.
C on s id in e . B ob .
Larger than life.
(Dr. Armand Hammer). London,
W. H. Allen, 1976. 287 p. Illus.