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D a y a n , M o sh e .
Story of my life.
London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson,
1976. ix, 530 p. Illus.
Israel’s former Defence Minister and Chief of Staff reveals inter
alia the background to the 1956 Suez War, and the subsequent
wars of 1967 and 1973.
D e u t s c h , L a s z lo
B rod ie , H a r r y .
A p lace to l ive and a p lace to
London, Corgi. 256 p.
D rab ek ,
G o rd on
W., ed.
Po litics of A frican and M id d le
Eastern states: an anno ta ted b ib liography .
London, Pergamon P.,
1976, 200 p.
D r a k e , W a l t e r R aym ond .
Gods and spacemen in anc ien t Israel.
London, Sphere, 1976. 192 p.
D r iv e r , G o d f r e y R o l l e s .
Sem itic w r iting : from p ic tograph to a lphabe t.
3rd rev. ed. Oxford, University Press, 1976, 286 p. Illus. (Schweich
E isenb erg , D en n is
L andau , E l i .
Carlos: terror in terna tiona l.
don, Corgi, 1976. 286 p.
The elusive international terrorist who was responsible for
several Arab terror actions.
E isn er , L o t t e E.
Fritz Lang.
Trans, by Gertrud Mander and ed. by
David Robinson. London, Seeker 8c Warburg, 1976, 416 p. Illus.
Biography of a film director.
E l -R a y y e s , R iad
N a h a s , D u n ia .
Guerrillas for Palestine.
Croom Helm, 1976, 160 p.
Pro-Arab book.
F e i f e r , G e o r g e .
Moscow farewell.
London, Cape, 1976, 446 p. The
author’s experiences in Russia including his encounters with dis­
sidents and Jewish activists.
F ishm an , I s id o re .
In troduc tion to Judaism .
London, Jewish Chronicle,
1976, 160 p.
F ishm an ,
W. J.
East End Jewish radicals.
London, Duckworth, 1976.
348 p. Illus.
The emergence of organised labour among immigrant Jews at
the turn of the century.
F o g e l in , R o b e r t
W ittgen s te in .
London, Routledge, 1976. 239 p.
Monograph on the philosopher.
F o w l e s , Edward .
M emories of the Duveen brothers.
Ed. Colin Simpson.
London, Times Books, 1976. 215
p. Illus.
The Duveen brothers were great art dealers.
F r e e d la n d , M i c h a e l .
Fred Astaire.
London, W. H. Allen, 1976. 277 p.