Page 259 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 35

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G i l b e r t , M a r t in .
T he Jews of Russia: the ir history in maps and
photographs .
London, National Council for Soviet Jewry of the
U. K. and Ireland, 1976. 78 p. Illus.
---- ,
The Arab-Israeli conflic t: its history in maps.
London, Weidenfeld,
1976, 120 p.
---- ,
Jewish history atlas.
Rev. ed. London, Weidenfeld, 1976. 152 p.
G o l a n , G a l i a .
Yom K ip p u r and after. The Soviet Union and the
M idd le East crisis.
Cambridge, University Press, 1977. 360 p.
H a m i l t o n , M i c h a e l .
Shalom, bk. 1: teeth for the brigadier.
Sphere, 1976. 128 p.
H aw e s ,
S. and
W h i t e ,
R., eds.
Resistance in Europe 1939-45.
mondsworth, Penguin, 1976. 234 p.
With references to Jewish resistance.
H e im l e r , E ug en e .
The storm
(The tragedy of Sinai). A verse drama.
Trans, from Hungarian by A. Rudolf. London, Menard Press,
1976. 90 p.
The work is rooted both in the author’s experiences of the
Holocaust and its aftermath and his thoughts on the theme of
H e lm a n , L i l ia n .
P en tim en to : a book of portra its.
London, Quartet
Books, 1976. 258 p.
H e r t z , J o s ep h H .
A ffirmations of Judaism.
London, Soncino Press,
1976. 338 p.
H e r z o g , Isa a c .
Judaism. Law and ethics.
London, Soncino Press, 1976.
227 p.
H ic k e y , D es .
Sm ith , Gus.
Prince: Laurence Harvey, his pu b lic and
p r iva te life.
London, Star Books, 1976. 224 p. Illus.
Biography of the actor.
H i l s e n r a t h , Edgar .
The Naz i and the barber.
Trans, from German.
London, W.
H .
Allen, 1976. 302 p.
H o f fm a n , M i c h a e l J .
Gertrude Stein.
London, G. Prior, 1976. 185
(World Authors Series).
Ja cob s ,
A. C.
The p ro p e r blessing.
London, Menard Press, 197 p.
Ja c o b so n , D an .
Through the wilderness: se lected stories.
worth, Penguin, 1977. 280 p.
---- ,
W onder worker.
Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1977. 144 p.