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Jewish Book Council o f JWB
h e
p a st
y e a r
h a s
b e e n
a most critical one for the Council
because of many changes which occurred. The usual had to yield
to the unexpected. The sudden demise of Mrs. Bertie G. Schwartz
on September 22, 1976, brought me forth to the front at the
behest of the Nominations Committee to assume the presidency.
Mrs. Schwartz had presided over the last Annual Meeting and
Awards Ceremony in May 1976. W ith her death the Council has
lost one of the foremost workers for the furtherance of Jewish
literature. Her outstanding contributions will leave an indelible
impact on all those privileged to have been associated with her.
We feel comforted tha t her son Ernest has agreed to be a memĀ­
ber of the Executive Board and tha t the juvenile book award
which she sponsored will be continued by her family. May her
memory be everlasting.
The past year has witnessed still another change. Rabbi Philip
Goodman who served for over 30 years as our able Executive
Secretary has made
He is maintaining his close interest
in the Book Council. Matters that require activity in Israel,
such as the In ternational Book Fair at Jerusalem, have been
handled by him there and the Council is deeply appreciative of
his continued relationship.
T he burden of the day by day activity was assumed by me.
Little did I expect this bu t it had to be done un til a new Director
would be chosen. I served not only as President bu t also as
Acting Director, handling all pertinent daily matters of the
Council. Meanwhile the Vice-Presidents together with Herbert
Millman, the Executive Vice-President Emeritus of JWB, Harold
Arian, its Coordinator of Educational and Cultural Activities,
and I met together numerous times as a Selection Committee
to choose a new Director. After months of careful scrutiny this