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of these are keys to autographs, marginal notes and letters, to
Karaite works, to books associated with printers who were con­
verts to Judaism, and to Italian censors. There is, unfortunately,
no author index. This was planned for inclusion in the second
volume. The catalog lists 6,793 items and contains a good deal
of bibliographical detail as, for example, information on water­
marks. Thirty-two incunabula are found in the collection, as
well as many sixteenth-century books and later rarities. The
introduction refers to a large amount of space being devoted
to books and articles associated with German-Jewish authors.
It is worthy of note that both of these private collectors are
natives of Germany and in their collecting exhibit strong
interest in the life of German Jewry.
The Rosenberger catalog, sumptuously presented in a lim ited
edition of 450 copies, reflects a collection of some 20,000 volumes,
predominantly in the European languages. The arrangement fol­
lows an original classification scheme. The user is assisted by a
detailed table of contents and by an alphabetical listing of sub­
ject categories. Herbert C. Zafren, in his Editor’s Preface, ex­
presses the hope that a supplement, including a fu ll index,
will be published.
This is a short title catalog and, as such, cannot be used as
a source for detailed bibliographical information. It is, however,
valuable for its unique arrangement and, especially, for the rich­
ness and depth of holdings in the areas where the owner has
concentrated his efforts. The collection includes 24 incunabula,
a group of autograph letters, and other items of great rarity. It
is strong in the literature of Jewish socialists and related sub­
jects, emancipation in England, Zionism, Jewish nationalism
and Palestine, and German and Austrian Jewish history.
B. Special libraries
1. Leo Baeck Institute. Katalog. Band I. Herausgegeben von
Max Kreutzberger. Tubingen, J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Sie-
beck), 1970. xli, 623 p. (Schriftenreihe wissenschaftlicher
Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Instituts, 22)
2. W iener Library, London. German Jew ry , its history, life
and culture. London, for the W iener L ibrary by Vallen-
tine, Mitchell, 1958. 279 p. (W iener library catolog series,