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Wh ile the Strauss and Rosenberger catalogs, each in its own
way, show an interest in German Jewry, here that interest lies
at the very heart of the enterprise. The W iener catalog listed
above is only one of several. The others, too, reflect material
relevant to the study of Jewish life in Germany, but go beyond
Judaica in scope. Both the Leo Baeck Institute and the W iener
catalogs are arranged according to subject classes and have sub­
stantial indexes. The indexes of both, however, are strong in
names and, presumably because of the order of the body of the
work, relatively weak in topical subject entries. It is a rather
extraordinary feature of the Leo Baeck catalog that the prefatory
material is in German only, although the collection described
is housed in the United States. It is true that any scholar doing
research in the life of German Jew ry has to know German. But
the Institute is now a part of the cultural wealth of New York,
and one has a right to expect bilingual explanations. The
W iener catalog presents its Foreword in English and in German,
and uses English for its various categories and subjects.
The Leo Baeck volume contains 4,318 entries covering Ger-
man-speaking Jewish communities, serial publications and mem­
oirs. Some of the material listed is in manuscript. The intro­
duction describes plans for seven volumes in all. The W iener
catalog, with 3,434 entries, covers publications acquired by
December, 1956 on the history of German Jew ry until 1945.
Antisemitica listed in number 2 of the W iener catalogue series,
From Weimar to H itler Germany, is excluded from the present
volume. Important periodical articles are listed. Unfortunately,
the paper on which the W iener catalog is printed already shows
marked deterioration.
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