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alogus van de Judaica der Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana.
Vols. 6-9: Amsterdam, Internationaal antiquariaat Menno
Hertzberger, 1964-66. P. [521J-1233.
The Solomon Rosenthal Hebraica catalog was published sep­
arately by New York University in 1942. The present New York
University catalog contains entries for about 3,500 items. There
are two sections, an author/main-entry list for Roman-character
publications and a similar list in Hebrew characters fo r works in
the Hebrew alphabet. L ittle bibliographic detail is given. Pub­
lishers, for example, are almost always excluded. There is an
index of Hebrew titles. The Hebrew section o f the book follows
the Roman and is bound as i f for left to right perusal.
The present sections of the Amsterdam Rosenthaliana catalog
(the collection is named for Leeser Rosenthal, who is not to be
confused with Solomon, W illiam or Ida Rosenthal) are the con­
tinuation of a project begun before W o rld W a r II. Volumes 1-5
of this catalog originally appeared over the years 1936-1940.
They were reprinted in one volume in 1965. The introduction
to volume 6 speaks of the removal of the collection to Germany
during the Nazi occupation and of its return to Amsterdam,
and of the death during the Holocaust of two of the Rosen­
thaliana librarians.
Entries are grouped in subject classes. The present reviewer
is not aware of an index having appeared. The detailed tables
of contents, as well as other prefatory material, are given in
English as well as Dutch. Volumes 6-8 contain listings o f works
on Jewish history, including local history and the Holocaust
period. Volume 9 contains miscellanea. Occasionally one comes
across a title oddly inverted, as “Years—Five—la ter” for Five
years later, on p. 1032. A rough estimate would place the number
of entries in volumes 6-9 of the catalog at more than 7,000.
D. National libraries
1. Magyar tudomanyos akademia, Budapest. Konyvtar. M icro­
card catalogue of the rare Hebrew codices, manuscripts
and ancient prints in the Kaufmann collection, reproduced
on microcards. Budapest, Hungarian academy of sciences,
1959. 44 p. (Publications of the oriental library of the
Hungarian academy of sciences, 4)