Page 66 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 35

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Some o f Israel’s Research Institutes
e n t e r s
f o r
a d v a n c e d
s t u d y
and research in specific areas of
the sciences and the humanities abound in Israel. I t is a striking
fact tha t each of the former Presidents of the State established
an institute specializing in the field of his own expertise. Nor
do these centers vary only in the subject matter with which they
deal. They also differ widely in concept and purpose, as well as
in size and method of operation—not to speak of such matters
as quarters, staff and budget. T he Weizmann Institute, for
example, has grown into a world-renowned graduate university
dedicated to fundamental research in the physical sciences. On
more counts than one it does not belong w ithin the framework
of this brief survey.
Here we confine ourselves to institutes of Jewish Studies, bu t
even then not including such studies at the universities, nor the
publications emanating therefrom (for which see the survey in
Hebrew of the University Presses in Israel by G. Kressel in
Jew ish B ook A nnua l ,
volume 31). Even within these limits,
space demands tha t we be arbitrarily selective. Thus, the Ben-
Zvi Institute and the Shazar Center will be discussed, not be­
cause of their presidential origins, bu t because their work is
intrinsically interesting in the fields of Jewish Ethnology, Land
of Israel Studies, and World History of the Jewish People.
In the area of Talmudica, we have chosen to present the
undertakings of the Rabbi Herzog World Academy, currently
involved in several highly ambitious long-term projects. On
the other hand, Mosad Harav Kook, which has been on the
scene for many more years, and has a long and honorable list
of hundreds of published monographs to its credit, probably
for tha t very reason needs no introduction to students of rab­
binic literature. I t will therefore not be discussed in further
Finally, no survey such as this, however brief and selective,
can omit the subject of Holocaust Studies. T o be sure, the
Remembrance Authority established by law in 1953 under the