Page 7 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 35

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The Jewish Book Council
of the
National Jewish Welfare Board
dedicates this volume
to the memory of
first woman President of the Council, whose singular
devotion to the Jewish book and dedication to Jewish
culture continue to be a source of inspiration to a ll who
are concerned with the perpetuation of Jewish values.
Bertie G. Schwartz not only made Jewish books her
own companions and basked in their delight, but sought
effectively to enhance the lives of wide circles of Jews
by making them aware of the life-giving power and
beauty of the written word. To this end she gave many
years of devoted service to the Jewish Book Council
and made the promotion of interest in Jewish litera­
ture the hub of her fru itfu l organizational activity.
The many projects she fostered in behalf of the Jew ­
ish book w ill long be upheld as examples worthy of
emulation. Her generosity of spirit and unswerving sense
of commitment to Jewish cultural life w ill be lovingly
treasured by her colleagues and friends. Yehi zikhrah