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second function: the collection, examination and publication
of testimony of the disaster and of the heroism connected with it.
Of course, the collecting of evidence had been going on even
Y ad Vashem
came into being. Eye-witness accounts and
personal statements had been recorded in various places even
while the war and the great destruction was going on. Now
there was a place where it could be centralized and organized.
T he Archives set up by the Authority now have on hand over
30,000 personal testimonies. Taken together with official papers,
legal documents, prin ted matter, letters and diaries, these Ar­
chives now make up the world’s largest collection of raw data
on the “Final Solution.” The library too, with over 50,000
volumes in 50 languages and thousands of periodicals, is a major
center for research in this field.
Publication began soon after the Authority was established.
In 1957, Volume 1 of
Yad Vashem S tud ies
appeared in both
Hebrew and English. T he bilingual method has continued up
to the present, with Volume 11 already on the shelves.
A glance at the newest catalogue will show a continuous flow
of titles since publication first began. Here are some of the
more recent works in English:
Bauer, Y.
G u id e to U n pu b l ish ed M a te r ia ls o f the H o locau s t
P er iod .
Vol. III. Published jointly with the Institu te of
Contemporary Jewry. 1975. 413 pp. (Volume IV is now
ready ) .
Flinker, M.
Young M o she ’s D ia ry .
The inner thoughts of a
Jewish boy before his deportation from Brussels. 1965.
126 pp.
Gutman, Yisrael and Rothkirchen, Li via.
T h e C a ta s troph e
of E uropean Jewry .
Antecedents, History, Reflections.
1976. 780 pp.
Ringelblum, Emanuel.
P o lish -]ew ish R e la t io n s D u r in g
W o r ld W ar Tw o .
A document tha t survived its author
in the Ghetto. 1974. 330 pp.
I t would be a difficult task to make a brief selection from the
long list of Hebrew titles. Suffice it to say that some of them
are out of print; some of them were published jointly by