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by Y. Aharoni, has recently appeared, and so, too, has
chish V,
1975, by Aharoni
et al.
Earlier publications on Tell
Arad, Malhata, Mashosh, Aphek, etc. appear in the scholarly
I t should be noted that substantial programs in and depart-
ments of archaeology exist also at Ben Gurion University in
the Negev and at Haifa University. A pattern seems to be
emerging whereby each school will publish its own series. The
reader is alerted to the manifold difficulties in securing oc-
casional publications of this type in the Hebrew language.
Two other sources of important archaeological information
should also be noted. First, completed dissertations in the ar-
chaeological field, while not available in the way that Univer-
sity microfilms enables Americans to have access to unpublished
theses, are an invaluable repository of significant research in
Israel. Short of word of mouth, or occasional listings in
(Yad Izhak ben-Zvi), the
Proceedings of the Wor ld Jewish
News le tter of the Wor ld Union of Jewish Studies,
or internal publications of the individual universities, one would
have to inquire at the National Library in Jerusalem or write
to separate departmental chairmen. Yad Izhak ben-Zvi has
published a list of dissertations from all Israeli Universities in
the field of Jewish History in Eretz Israel, for both M.A.’s and
Ph.D.’s. The editor is Y. Barnai. Second, most museums in
Israel publish a variety of catalogues of exceptional quality.
Most of these are not distributed in any organized way to the
libraries of the world. Special exhibitions will usually be
written up in a way tha t Americans would consider to be
published. An excellent example of this is the 1973 Israel Mu-
seum publication, catalogue #100,
Inscriptions Reveal: Docu-
ments from the Bible, the Mi shnah and the Talmud.
Finally, because of the extensive salvage work carried out in
Israel and the occupied territories, there are vast stores of new
unpublished material in the warehouses of the Department of
Museums and Antiquities. In this connection the 1972
logical Survey of Judea, Samaria and the Golan,
edited by
M. Kochavi and published by The Archaeological Survey of