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Israel, is an indispensible aid for historical and archaeological
research. Th is publication represents only a fraction of the
work carried out by the Israel Survey. T he remainder of this
material, however, is listed and provisionally identified by the
Department of Antiquities and is available to the scholarly
world for consultation. T he Israeli government is extremely
helpful in this regard, and scholars working in a very special-
ized area should be urged to consult with the Director of
Antiquities in the Rockefeller Museum regarding access to such
unpublished materials.
Tu rn ing to the French school, the £cole Biblique, it regularly
publishes in the “Chronique Archeologique” section of the
Revue Biblique,
a summary in French of all work in Israel
and neighboring areas. While it overlaps with the
Israel Ex-
ploration Journal,
it is another major source of information
on the major excavations in Israel and in particular on the
work of the French school.
Surely the most prolific in the way of publication are the
Italian Franciscans through the offices of their Jerusalem school.
Perhaps best noted for their work at Capernaum, Migdal, He-
rodium and Jerusalem, their publishing work extends far
beyond the confines of their own excavations. Because they own
and operate their own p rin ting press, their publications come
out almost as fast as the artifacts are removed from the earth.
In this respect they are unique. Most notable perhaps is their
Liber Annuus,
which regularly reports on their activities
but includes very often other kinds of data. The ir excavation
series, especially the Capernaum volumes, has created a genuine
scholarly debate of substance. In this regard the recent review
essay of James F. Strange in the
Bulletin of the American
Schools of Oriental Research
#226 (to be continued) is note-
worthy. T he Italian Franciscans have two other series publica-
tions, usually noted as publications of the
Studium Biblicum
collectio minor and collectio major. Father S. Sal-
Second Revised Catalogue of Ancient Synagogues of the
Holy Land
has been subjected to most constructive criticism
in the excellent bibliographical essay of G. Foerster in
of Jewish A rt
#3-4. One may receive a complete up-to-date
catalogue by writing to the Franciscan Printing Press, New
Gate, Jerusalem.