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Recent Literature on Jewish Folklore
and Ethnography
h e
la st
o f
l it e r a tu r e
on Jewish Folklore and
Ethnography, by Haim Schwarzbaum, appeared in the
Book Annual
more than fifteen years ago.1 Since then, numerous
scholarly works have been published in this field. T he grow-
ing interest in Jewish Folklore and Ethnography as a scientific
discipline has been demonstrated by the increasing number of
sessions devoted by national and international scholarly associ-
ations to these topics. T he World Congress for Jewish Studies
(which meets every four years in Jerusa lem ), the Association
for Jewish Studies (which meets yearly in Boston), and the
Israeli Folklore Society,
Yeda Am
(meeting annually and
regionally), all have panels which deliver papers devoted to
Jewish Folklore and Ethnography. Single papers on Jewish
Folklore and Ethnography have been delivered also at the
annual meetings of the American Folklore Society and the
American Anthropological Association. These papers and their
abstracts are available in the publications of the proceedings of
these associations.
Due to limitations of space, this review will be devoted to
one main trend in the fields of Jewish Folklore and Eth-
nography—the continuing effort of both professional and
amateur folklorists to collect, annotate, index and in terpre t the
oral traditions and folkways of Near Eastern Jewish communities
and, to a lesser degree, of East and West European Jewish com-
munities. The folk traditions of these communities, uprooted
from their respective countries of origin gradually to merge
with those of their new homeland, Israel, are at the heart of
this survey.
Our selected bibliography will consider in tu rn the publica-
tions of the Israel Folktale Archive (IFA) and the Folklore
Jewish Book Annual,
vol. 19 (1961-1962), pp. 23-32• On Haim Schwarz-
baum’s contributions see Ya’akov Maytlis, “Haim Schwarzbaum der me-
lumad un folklore forsher,”
Di goldene Keyt
91 (1976), pp. 177-183.
Schwarzbaum has recently reviewed current folkloristic studies in
no. 43-44 (1976). Several bibliographical items in my review are
referred to by Schwarzbaum.
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