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Haim Schwarzbaum, I. Ben-Ami, and Zvi Friedhaber and by
such ethnographers as O. Mulkiewicz-Goldberg. Harvey E. Gold-
berg, Clinton Bailey, Erik Cohen and Annie Sebban-Kahn.
The fourth volume, published in 1974 and dedicated to the
memory of Eliakum Zunser, the popular Yiddish bard and
dramatist, is devoted exclusively to a central event in the life
cycle celebration—the wedding. I t includes ethnographic de-
scriptions of both Jewish and non-Jewish wedding celebrations
—those of Moroccan Jews (I. Ben-Ami); of the Bedouin in
the Negev (C. Bailey); in a Polish village (O. Mulkiewicz-
Go ldberg); among Israeli Arabs (Annie Sabban-Kahn and
Henry Rosenfeld); of Persian Jews (L. Loeb) ; of Alzatian Jews
(Freddy R ephae l) ; and of Kurdish Jews (Donna S ha i) . A study
on the “Wardrobe of Jewish Bride in Medieval Egypt” is pro-
vided by Y. Stillman. Articles which analyze and classify a
variety of wedding motifs in Jewish folk literature (by Ofra
Meir, Meir Noy, Yehudah Ratzaby, Abraham Stahl and Aliza
Shenhar) complete this volume’s study of the wedding celebra-
T he fifth volume, published in 1975, unlike the earlier vol-
umes, is not limited to folklore and ethnography bu t offers
a broad exploration into the cultural history of English Jewry.
Entries on theater, literature, and political history are featured,
bu t these are beyond the scope of this study. Articles which focus
on folklore and ethnography include: “Death, Burial and
Mourning Customs among Sephardic Jews in London” (I. Ben-
Am i) ; “Jewish Folklore in Zangwill” (Joseph Leftw ich); “The
English Folklore Society under the Presidency of Haham Dr.
Moses Gaster” (Venetia N ewall); “Culinary Aspects of Anglo-
Jewry” (John M. Shaftesley); “T he YIVO Activities in Lon-
don: Reminiscences from the 1930’s” (Jacob M a tlis) ; “Anglo-
Jewish Contributions to Folklore Research” (H. Schwarzbaum)
and “Three Yiddish Street-Songs from London” (Honi Shmeruk).
The Folklore Research Center plans to publish a compre-
hensive bibliography of works (both in Hebrew and other
languages) from the year 1870 to the present. T he first install-
ment of this project, prepared by Dov Noy, a selected bibliog-
raphy listing more than one hundred items on Jewish folklore
studies in 1968, appeared in the first volume of the above-
mentioned series. The second installment, a selected bibliography