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to the Holocaust in academic institutions, the media and pub-
lie forums, the
deems it vital to continue to report
on how the literary imagination has treated this difficult sub-
ject. Dr. Ruth Wisse analyzes the unique contribution made by
Abraham Sutzkever in his Yiddish ghetto poems, while Dr. Yaffa
Eliach contrasts the approaches of European and Israeli drama-
tists to the Holocaust theme.
Erwin Offenbacher has surveyed the progress which is being
made in microfilming over 10,000 rare or out-of-print volumes
and serials. This project may well prove to be a boon to scholars
and students, as well as to libraries the world over. In our con-
tinuing survey of Jewish libraries and the Jewish holdings of
general libraries, Dr. Lawrence Marwick has indicated the vast
resources available in the Hebraic Collections in the Library
of Congress.
Our field-spanning surveys are intended both to serve as in-
troducdons to various areas of Jewish subject-matter as well as
to offer bibliographic guidance to those who wish to keep
abreast of the new materials in these areas. The recent litera-
ture on the burgeoning field of the archaeology of Eretz Israel
has been evaluated by Dr. Eric Meyers. Tom L. Freudenheim
has cast a critical eye on recent books on Jewish art, while
Shifra Epstein has surveyed the recent contributions to Jewish
In keeping with the tri-lingual character of the
present this year an appreciation in Hebrew by Professor
Abraham M. Habermann of Hayyim Schirmann’s extensive con-
tributions to the study of medieval Hebrew poetry. It is pub-
lished on the occasion of Professor Schirmann’s forthcoming
seventy-fifth birthday. In his Yiddish article, Itzchak Yanasowicz
has reviewed the work of the late Arie Shamri, the Israeli Yid-
dish poet who derived his name from kibbutz Ein Shemer where
he settled following his emigration to Palstine in 1929.
Dr. Theodore Wiener has once again offered guidance in his
survey of Jewish literary anniversaries to those who may wish to
commemorate these dates. One anniversary, that of the leading