Page 13 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 36

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19th-century rabbinic figure Meir Loeb Malbim, has been singled
out for detailed discussion by Dr. Salamon Faber.
By now our seven annual bibliographies of the literary out-
put in America, England and Israel have become an established
feature. They serve as heretofore to make the
a useful
reference tool. It will be noted that the selected list of Israeli
books has been expanded to include a number of additional
areas, such as rabbinic works.
Our editorial board shall miss the services of Dr. Menahem
G. Glenn, longtime associate editor, who made valued contribu*
tions to our literature in English, Hebrew and Yiddish.
Once again we express our gratitude to the Jewish Welfare
Board for its continued support of the activities of the Jew-
ish Book Council. This support has contributed in great
measure to the expanded interest in Jewish books in the United
States and elsewhere. We are pleased to acknowledge two special
gifts, that of the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation and the Israel
Matz Foundation. To Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, editor emeritus,
and to Rabbis Judah Nadich and Gilbert Klaperman, past
presidents of the Council, our thanks for their constant co-
operation. We wish also to thank Sharon M. Strassfeld, director
of the Council, for her valued aid in seeing the volume through
the press.